A New Year Resolution?

Most people welcome every New Year by making resolutions or promises that are rarely achieved.  A list of goals are written down with the expectation to carry out such goals. However, often times, these goals are discarded and never accomplished, simply because some of them are unrealistic.

There are 365 days in a year and today marks the end of this year. So, as the winter solstice is biting hard, with the year about to bid humanity farewell, a reflection at the year becomes pertinent.  Assessing the overall accomplishments of the year will be the wisest thing to do before setting new goals. Let’s ponder on the below questions.

What were your resolutions and goals in 2015?

Were they achieved?

Did you succeed in following your own goals to the latter?

Answering these questions honestly will guide one into taking cautious steps in planning goals for the coming year.

It is not enough to make resolutions but the discipline to adhere to them is what matters. There are drawbacks in life that work against our set goals.  The exigencies of life can become hitches to derail the plans. You never know what lurks around the corner. Sickness can come knocking at the door. Getting sick just happens sometimes.

During extreme weather, people catch the flu and getting under the weather means that you become passive for that period and deviate from your original plans.  With this in mind, making absolute New Year resolutions often times turn out to be a mere joke.

Apparently, some goals are not likely to see the light of the day because they are very ambiguous and seemingly unclear. Why? A possible explanation might be that the goals you set are not meaningful and result-oriented.  They are vague goals that you cannot ascertain the progress.

Set specific and definite goals. Put a deadline to actualising them and work hard to achieve the desired results.

In essence, try setting goals that you can measure at intervals to know if any progress is recorded.

Write plans that work with your intentions instead of following other people’s assertions.

Adhere to your goals, set reminders to propel you to effectively address them.

Ensure that the goals you set are feasible and that they will lead to something tangible in your life. That at the end of the year, you will see the benefit of setting the goals in the first place.

We should be more disciplined and impose it upon ourselves to do things that dignify our lives. Self-nudging is one thing we should develop in the coming year. We need to ginger ourselves instead of waiting for a green light by someone, who is busy elsewhere defining their own lives.

Having said the above, I know I don’t make New Year Resolutions because I simply do not want to lie to myself. I am old enough to know that as human, I am not perfect.

And since I am prone to mistakes, keeping a good tab on promises and resolutions is better left alone. I can only live one moment at a time while keeping a watchful eye on those things that will bring credibility to my life.

Nonetheless, there are certain areas I honestly hope to see tremendous changes. I want to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Exercising is key to me and I want to tenaciously fall in love over and over again with my gym sessions.

Servicing my social connections is one area I need to improve on. So, I pledge to myself to be more responsive to calls, mails, text messages and creating time to relax more with family and friends.

Writing is a way to get outside of myself – it is so therapeutic. I want to express and document the many quirks and twist of my daily situations; to pen down memories that stream into my mind refusing to let go. To be prompt in responding to comments as well as engage in interactions that will enhance my blog.

The above form a part of the larger vision of my aspirations for 2016. It is my utmost wish that my willpower does not fail me.

What are you expecting to achieve in 2016?

What are your fantasies and goals?

Do you have a New Year Resolution?

Kindly share your thoughts with me if you have some moments to spare.

And let’s clink our glasses to a fulfilling New Year!!!

Peace and Love!

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A Letter to 2015

Dear 2015,

I have only today and tomorrow to cuddle you and kiss you goodbye.

You have been an amazing year. A great year filled with many highlights and tons of challenges. As you are about to exit your tenure, I want to weave my thoughts into words and share a sneak peek of you and I.

Do you know that you brought worthy experiences with many lessons? These packs of experiences would serve as my directional compass and as my guiding manual for the coming year (s).  I will hold forth to the knowledge acquired while I trash the negativities. Know that I appreciate the whole journey thus far.  Though, it wasn’t such a smooth ride, I am content with life’s benevolence. The reason am here, sharing this story today.

My dear 2015, you gave me a breath of fresh air with the strides I have garnered. I am not in competition with anyone so am doing my thing slow but am steady and focused. I know that sometimes the best way to eat an apple is to take one bite at a time. Therefore, I am making conscious efforts to be the best I can be and I try to keep my conscience clean and open.

Thank you for initiating this giant steps that will culminate in a better version of me in 2016 and beyond. To ultimately improve my life by making the right choices. I have decided that my focal point for the coming year, will be to embrace change in its entirety. I agree there has been times I almost gave up. Times when I felt overwhelmed and deflated but the resolute me wouldn’t give up. No, never! I just can’t… I won’t quit.

You gave me a clarity of purpose. You showed me the way to go, to follow my own heart prompts and do what I love to do. You infused so much confidence into me and made me understand that listening to my own voice is the best way to go. So, with the digital earphones, I drowned the outer voices of dream killers. I overcame self-doubt and the greatest demon of all times – ‘fear’.  I have killed all the excuses that fester inside me and hopefully, will progress into 2016 fully armed to embrace my cursive life.

Now, I can confidently say that I feel more positive emotions vibrating from my inner being.  I feel more empowered. And I got the strength to strive and work harder in my goals. Suffice it to say, that I have got my groove back. The fire is ignited already. There is no turning back. No one can extinguish this great light I see shining like the bright morning star.

Hopefully, by the grace of HIM who has given me life, my Chi, I see greater strides in the forthcoming years. I see positive changes that will have a tremendous rippling effect on not just me but those fortunate to be around me.

One thing you have etched in me though, is to understand the elusive way time is passing by so am trying to be more present with myself.  I am no longer afraid of change and I have no fears or sadness to say goodbye to a comfortable status-quo.

So far… so long!

I am looking at a promising 2016.


This thing that I feel…

This thing that I feel

Started when you walked in

Through that door

It was a chill to my body

A balm to my soul

A tickle in my spirit

You jolted me to life

When you walked in

Through that door

A life that was dead in me

When you walked out

Tearing my heart apart

I stopped to breathe

I ceased to grow

I ceased to exist

Until YOU walked in through that door

And I came back to life

And I began to exist again

To glow. To live for YOU

Looking at YOU now

This thing that I feel

Will be love forever

Life’s Choices

There are many choices to make in life

Pick from the many choices

Choose the ones that you can commit to

The choices that will showcase your skills

And give your best attention to them


There are many voices to listen to

Listen to the ones that give you strength

But the best to do, is to listen to your own voice

For too many voices, echo too many directions

Directions that lead you everywhere

With nowhere to berth


Don’t change your choice

For the sake of other voices

Listen to your own voice

Follow the compass of your heart

Let it lead you on

For your life is yours to live

Make the right choice

Make the choice that is perfect for your life


Say Yes!!!

Life is about the choices we make. Life is about the decisions we take. The people we surround ourselves with. The things we read about and how we interpret them to our situations. How we spend our time matters. It’s very easy to waste time and achieve nothing – indulging in this attitude produces nothing but a mere waste of precious time that could have been better utilized.

I believe that one can be whatever they choose to be in this life. Everything you wish to become is already given to you, you just need to have absolute belief in yourself while working towards your set goals.

So, I have written down these pointers that I hope will infuse positive energy into you as you begin to round up this year, while mapping out plans for next year.

Say Yes!

Yes to enjoying life to the fullest, knowing when to take a break and engage your time in productive ventures.

Yes to life, living it knowing you can’t take back the hands of time. Work towards your goals so there won’t be any regrets in the future. And strive to achieve most of your lofty dreams because life is short.

Yes to sleeping but knowing that ‘too much sleep’ steal into your time. And time is non-renewable.

Yes to Face-booking but knowing you have to open your books, do that home-work, write that presentation or project, make that important phone call, reply to that email, write that job application, knowing there is a deadline to it.

Yes to success but knowing you have to work hard and be smart to know when opportunities come calling even in the guise of challenges.

Yes to watching movies in the weekends but knowing you have to do that laundry, do some cleaning in the house, go shopping for food and the list goes on.

Yes to chocolates, ice-creams, cakes, sweets, especially now in this season of celebrations, but knowing the side-effects of too much sugar and sweets in the body.

Yes to crying and feeling low, upset, angry, frustrated, rejected, languishing in self-pity but knowing when to wipe those tears and move one with life.

Yes to giving up trying, knowing it’s no fool to give up what you can’t keep.

Yes to positive emotions knowing you need the good mood feeling to self-nudge yourself on your aspirations

Yes to surrounding yourself with those who believe in your small beginnings, those who support your dreams knowing that they want you to succeed in life.

Yes to you for keeping on despite the ups and downs of life, and knowing that the bad times will also pass and you will survive all the odds.

Yes to disagreements and quarrels but knowing when to stop so it doesn’t escalate to a big fight and even killing.

Yes to autumn and winter knowing that the cold too will pass. And spring and summer will come with great vacations and holidays. Yes to the darkness knowing that light will come eventually. For there is always light at the end of the tunnel.

Yes to friendship! Yes to embracing Love and Peace knowing it makes the world a better place.

Yes, we can if we try!!


My Dependable Ally

I have decided to tell the world how reliable you have become over the years.

Where do I start from?

How do I celebrate you and capture your amazing beauty in words?  You are my fortress when laughter become pain.  Those moments I am with you, rolling back and forth and side by side is absolute bliss.

We seem to have known each other forever. You are ever gentle with me and always stimulate me to sleep.  On a lazy day, we relax together tapping away on the phone or surfing the internet, with a cup of tea that sits by us watching our romance.

I love the feel when my nose nestle into you, with your lovely smell permeating my face – the scent of me. I love the memories that seep into my brain when I am lying on you.  I love the bond between us. We are just inseparable. Thus, when I travel out, I ache all over because I miss you tenderly.

Every act before your watchful eyes is always a secret. I don’t know what would happen if you decide to tell the whole world what I do with you when no eyes are watching? You are a true confidant.

You hear me as I pray every day.  You know the secret of my heart. I have come to rely on your friendship because you know me in and out. Yet, never disclose my frailties.

The other day, I returned home dejected and sad because I was broken by the realities of life. I snuggled to you and you watched me cry.  I cried until the tears dried up out of exhaustion.  And you soothed away my pains.

You see me naked everyday but never an urge to rape me. On your watchful eyes, I do all kinds of unthinkable things and you just smile and stay mute. You have watched me perform the hip dance. Hitting you hard as I thrust in and out.

You watch me unclasp and unzip myself. And when I lay on you, your smoothness send my whole body to sleep, and together we snore away into dreamland in the dark night.

You are ever calm when I leave the house hurriedly after empting half of my wardrobe on you. You only smile and watch me slam the door. You see me leave the whole place in a mess but never scream at me to tidy up. In appreciation, I decorate you with different colourful robes in soft cotton.

Today, I am writing to tell the world that you are my inseparable ally, whom I return to every day to rest my tired body on. You, whose comfortable soul wrap up my whole body. You are so thoughtful that you let me do this every moment I want to and you have never disappointed me.

Indeed, my world is incomplete without you.

Here’s to my nest, to my buddy when I need to rest my body.

Here’s to you and I forever

You – my warm cozy dependable Bed.


Merry Christmas…

Here’s 25 hearty Christmas cheers to you!

Here’s to you and yours, a beautiful celebration.

Here’s wishing you all, a very Merry Christmas.

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At last, it’s here!

It’s here again!!

Christmas is here with us again!!!

The most festive Christian holidays is here with so much frenzy in the air. There is so much love to share. So much kindness at this time. The feeling is ecstatic and indescribable. Indeed, it’s a glorious day.

I love the sweet aura that carries a tingle and jingle of love with it as people show extra love to one another.

I love the sweet aroma of exotic food oozing out from the corners of the kitchen, adding that extra  fragrance to our homes.

I love the clattering and rattling of both humans, pots and pans telling us to eat, be happy and merry.

I love the sense of reconnection to loved ones. The re-unions with family. That feeling of togetherness which is awesome at this time.

I love good music, which is food for the soul. Everywhere, the Christmas jingles are wafting out of loudspeakers romancing our souls. Music is therapeutic.

And from this chilly winter abode, Christmas has been robbed of its unique angelic robe. The whiteness is gone with the Snow. Yes, it’s a no white Christmas this year. Yet, we have to love ourselves as well as love the package nature brings to us.

For the fun of Christmas, since there is no white snowy apparels, let’s get ourselves wrapped up in Red.

Let’s unwrap the gifts and presents and wrap up ourselves with good food and drinks.

Relish and savour the day. Enjoy this moment.  Enjoy it with love in your heart.

Once again, from my chilly wintry abode, I wish you a Merry Christmas.

Peace and love. 🙂


Be Joyous…

We have reached that period of the year when there is good cheer in the air.

The year is cooling off and getting ready to take a bow

It’s that time of the year when you say – yeah, this was a good year!

Or, No, this wasn’t particularly a good year.

Okay, stop there! I mean, stop the negative vibes

The year is going to end anyway whether it was good to you or not

Don’t complain anymore about the things you have not achieved

Rather make a list of twelve blessings you have received this year

And be thankful for these twelve blessings.

Remember, that you don’t achieve anything by constant complaints.

According to Oprah Winfrey, “Turn your wounds into wisdom.”

Therefore, be grateful for each blessing on your list.

Write a thank you at the end of each blessing.

Focus on your blessings as you begin your day

Look for the good in this season and be happy.

Look at your family, your loved ones and those people surrounding you at this moment

Let their presence fill your heart with joy

Know within you that the coming year is going to be better

Dwell on this good thought and switch your mood now.

Feel good. Okay, feel better

Yeah, that’s it – Smile 🙂 🙂 🙂

Eat, drink, have fun and be happy within you

Enjoy this moment of great love in the air.

Celebrate today and let tomorrow take care of itself.

Sing a Christmas song and be Merry.

Merry Christmas to you and your family!


I hope you were able to accomplish most of your set-goals for the year. If yes, congratulations. And if no, then it’s time to re-strategize and work harder in the coming year, 2016.

And for those who are just sitting down mulling on how to take a step. Stop pondering. Stop wasting time. I want to challenge you to be more pragmatic next year.

Before the year ends, write down your vision for 2016. Remember that everything you would love to be or have in your life is nearer to you than you can imagine.

You have the keys to your destiny. The power to be everything you want to be lives within you.

Find your own voice and tell your story.

The world is big enough to accommodate you and your innovations or ideas.

So take a moment and write the vision for 2016.

Peace and love.

Year 2015…


The year ends in a few days – the twelfth and last month of the year, 2015. December is a special month full of different celebrations. On a general note, this is the month to celebrate the simple fact that we have survived all the challenges and obstacles we faced in the year. Meaning, we are alive!

My ramblings!

It’s been a year filled with a potpourri of activities. Whether I want to believe it or not. I may not have accomplished all the goals I set to achieve this year but at least, I scaled through some.  It’s true that people view life from different lenses. Talk of different strokes for different folks. Some have accomplished so much while others got little or nothing. Still, I think there is need to be happy for little mercies.

Every day leaves us with some lessons and experiences to think about. These form the stories of our lives because it is necessary as we evolve. However, I find meaning in this wise saying – where there is life, there is hope. An absolute truism. With life, things can get better if we continue to be steadfast in our good pursuits.

Looking back at the year gives me a nostalgic feeling.

One can never have it all. No, there are ups and down, challenges and battles that are fought every day. Life is not a smooth ride. There are moments of excitement and anxiety. There are the moments to cry and to laugh.

I have enjoyed good times and endured bad times. I have tried and failed. And I have also tried and succeeded.

Some people have lost and buried loved ones this year. Conversely, people have gained back lives with the many births and new lives that blessed various homes this year.

There has been turmoil, violence, explosions, and crises in some places in the world. While other places enjoyed a good level of peace and calm.

Life revolves through sad moments and beautiful moments. Good times and bad times. Successes and failures. Laughter and tears. Losses and gains.  Rejections and acceptance. There are moments of loneliness and periods of companionships.

Nonetheless, no matter what the year has brought to our lives, whatever stones the year has thrown on us, and in which ever way we perceive the year, let’s be filled with positive energy to celebrate life. That’s all there is to do. Simple, be grateful and glad for this very moment of life you are enjoying today.

Remember, where there is life, there you will find hope!

So, join me and let’s clink our glasses to life!

It is my utmost hope and wish that you march into the New Year in good health and happiness.

Peace and Love.