Focus words for the Year

I have never been one who make resolutions at the beginning of any year because I know words are not easy to keep and often times people fail to ‘walk the talk’

Oh yes, even before the end of the first quarter of the year, the so called resolutions are already flying out of the windows, discarded and thrown out as garbage. So, I decided to set a buzz word (s) that will act as a reminder of the needful things to achieve this year.

What am I saying here?

In lieu of resolutions and New Year promises and vows, I have come up with a new way to stay on with my goals and aspirations for the year. I have goals I want to accomplish, dreams to realise and areas to focus my energy on. Therefore, I have picked out two words that will enable me strive towards achieving tangible impacts when I review this year.

Call these words my guiding mantra for 2016 and you will be right.  Hitherto, I discovered that there are bits and pieces of my ideas, thoughts and goals scattered all over my mind. They never get to grow out of the thought line. There are bits of disconnections, broken lines and parallel dots. I am taking calculated steps to piece all this disjointed pieces together and tie them up with a strong band.

I choose ‘Growth and Nurture’ as focus words for this year, 2016.

Why these two words? 

Growth and Nurture to me go together. While I intend to increase and grow in various ways and areas of my life, I have to nurture these growth for sustenance.

Passion:  I wish to grow in my passion to write. Not just to write but being creative in thoughts and writing credible and organically conceived stories that would make the reader pine for more. Those who know me outside of the digital sphere, know am crazy about photography. So, am going to pay more attention to photography and see how I’d fare at the end of the year. Besides the love of photography as a fun hobby, I believe it will boost my writing life to use pictures to buttress my words. Another good reason is that pictures would come handy on days my writing ink decides to run dry; letting pictures speak for me sometimes.

Prioritize: To achieve any significant growth in life, issues must be handled without delay. I will be more pragmatic to tackle things as they arise and with an absolute sense of urgency. Procrastinating over important matters will be totally flushed out of my adrenaline.

Connections: I want to grow my network of friends and acquaintances. While I will throw out any unprofitable relationship, I intend to be more open and build new connections. People who will enhance the quality of my life both online and offline. I will cling to relationships that will infuse positive energy for my personal and career growth.

Spiritually: I believe in God. I want to connect more to the Spiritual Being (my Chi) that enables me to see a new day.  I crave for a stronger personal bonding with HIM.

Health:  I desire to grow in health – plunging myself into healthy habits and activities that will keep me in shape. I have to cage the glutton in me and increase my resistance power to look sideways when I am faced with mouth-watery foodies and sweets. Curbing the intake of carbs and maintaining a well-balanced eating regime is way to go.

What do you think about those who pay for gym sessions but never find the time to hit the treadmills…? It’s a sheer waste of money to pay for monthly subscriptions without going to the gym, right? Does it sound like you? Ha-ha, that was in the past now. The present is what matters and hey, am getting glued to a strict workout life.

While I am planning to experience tremendous growth in the above areas, to sustain them, I need to nurture them. I need to nurture my passion, nurture my personal beliefs, nurture my existing friendships and acquaintances as well as the new friends, and networks that will stroll into my life this year. Staying connected with viable relationships is a part of growth.

To these focal words  – I will etch in my mind, have them blazed and penned in ink. And place them at a conspicuous corner of my room. I hope that by the end of the year 2016, I’d have realised a remarkable growth on these areas I desire an increase.

Do you have resolutions or focal points to work on this year? Do you see any sense in my ramblings? Let’s hear your views.

I pray that you, my dear readers and friends, will experience a tremendous increase in specific areas of your personal and working lives in 2016.

Wishing you an active and successful year!

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