Who I am…

Blogging 101, Day One: Introduce Yourself to the World

Who I am:

I am ambitious, amiable with a good disposition and an infectious dimpled smile. I have a very active spare time and indulge myself to personal development through reading. I enjoy baking, cooking and taking occasional walk which refreshes me. I have a passion for writing hence I write poetry, scribble down my thoughts and maintain a dairy of daily events. I love travelling. My travels and the people I have met have enriched my cultural knowledge. They have also contributed to some personal changes in my perspective of the world.

I love to seek knowledge and I am interested in International affairs, humanitarian activities, capacity building, Volunteering and cultural awareness. I am passionate about education and dedicate time to inspire, motivate, and provide career guidance to students. I know that change is the only constant thing, so I am open to change, taking new vocations and challenges hence am here on this blogging world.

Stella is my name.  I am a simple person who appreciates life and believe that there is a Supernatural Being that oversee the affairs of men.

I am very passionate about people. Highly emotional, kind to a fault and ever willing to render help to people. I believe I have an innate love for people irrespective of who they are or where they come from. I discovered this about myself as I journeyed through life that colour, race, language, does not define my relationship with anyone. I accept people simply because they are humans. Therefore, meeting new people is a part of my hobby.

I was born in one of the tropical regions of the world, Nigeria. My humble background has prepared me for life’s journey and I love the fact that I have different perspectives from diverse cultures. I grew up to feel the scorch from the sun seeping into my skin and burning wickedly. While my handkerchief came handy to drain the droplets of beaded sweat that stream down my cheeks.

After my first degree in Nigeria, I worked for a brief period as an Administrative personnel. The process of wanting more out of life is a part of growth, therefore, when the craving to acquire a Master’s degree swelled up, I chose Denmark, a beautiful country. After two years of studying, I bagged an MA in International Studies from Aarhus University, Denmark. A country that has since become home.

Why do I blog?

Writing is a way to get outside of myself – it is so therapeutic. I want to express and document the many quirks and twist of my daily situations; to pen down memories that stream into my mind refusing to let go.  Writing gives me a clarity of purpose. It gives me a sense of fulfillment. I started this blog to follow my heart desire. It is still evolving and a work in progress.

Hitherto, I lacked the courage to start so ended up with my thoughts only on my journals which doesn’t go beyond the walls of my room. However, in October 2015, I overcame self-doubt and the greatest demon of all times – ‘fear’.  Then I killed all the excuses that fester inside me which kept me away from embracing a cursive life.

I have been in love with writing from my childhood. However, life’s journey is never easy. My scribblings of many years would remain in my journals and notebooks if I don’t expose them to the world. So now, I am on a path of rediscovering myself and writing is a voice for me as well as fun.

Building connections in life is very necessary for growth. It nurtures personal, social and business growth.  Connections create platforms to having an appreciable network across the globe. So in the blog-sphere, I want to connect with like minds to share experiences and knowledge. Knowing that I write to be read will enable me polish my writing skills.

One thing life has etched in me though, is to understand the elusive way time is passing by so am trying to be more present with myself. And starting my blog is it.  I am no longer afraid of change, and I have no fears or sadness to say goodbye to a comfortable status-quo of living my dreams only within the confines of my inner space.

If I blog successfully for the next one year, hopefully, by the grace of HIM who has given me life, my Chi (God), I would have accomplished a greater satisfaction with my writings. My blog would have become a platform for those who need to be motivated. And I hope my writings will have positive impact and a tremendous rippling effect on not just me but those who follow or stumble on my blog.

The topics or areas I will focus on will encompass bits and pieces of musings from the culture I was born into as well as the new culture I have come to embrace. My life in Europe is replete with tales from my many travels. My posts will be a mix of echoes of different cultures. My blog will act as a motivational platform for people who are struggling to get out of the ‘heat’ of life… those who need to be inspired that the challenges they face are not peculiar to them. Rather, everyone passes through struggles but in different degrees.  I will share my day dreams, my crazy thoughts on myriad topics and poetry. It will be a criss-cross of all the jigsaw puzzles hibernating on my mind.

Now, you know me and the reason why I have embraced blogging.  Kindly leave your thoughts by scribbling down a note for me. This will enable me know that you stopped by my space. Betterstill, follow this blog so that we will continue to interact even after this blogging course.

Thank you.