Change quote

It’s never easy to embrace change but whether we like it or not, it’s a phenomenon we have to undergo in life.  At some point in our lives, we realise that something have to give way for us to realise our dreams; to achieve our set goals and to move forward in life. We must be ready to make sacrifices, take decisions and instead of talking all the time without any actions, we should learn to walk the talk and take actions that would change us, for good.

Change is the only constant thing in life. Life itself is a process of many changes and transformations. From the day we are born to the day we die, we undergo glaring changes in our physical growth and personal development.

Today, I have decided to embrace change and take action instead of activating my pensive mood, and whining about what I should have done earlier. I challenged myself to rediscover my potentials, grab this opportunity I still have now and live my dreams.  I don’t want to live a life of regrets when I get old. I don’t want to say, oh! I should have listened to my inner self. I should have listened to the voice of reasoning and take a leap at life and do the things I am very passionate about.

I am here, in the now, in the present, focusing on my life goals, my dreams, and waking up each morning and taking action. I am here now, where I wake up at the break of dawn to write a few lines. I am here now, where I write down all that I hope to achieve for the day and doing the act instead of the talk. There is no putting aside until later what I could do now. The period of dilly-dallying is over, the time when I say to myself; I will attend to these tasks in the weekend. And the weekends became unending.

Everybody has stories of life to share based on different life experiences and backgrounds. Some of these stories end up only in our memories. While some stories become open books and write-ups to be read and gained from, simply because, those who have such stories decided to share them. There is no good or bad stories because every time we read, we learn something new.

Some stories are mere memories on our minds, resonating nostalgic feelings in us sometimes. I have my fair share of life stories which over time, I have penned in my daily journal. I write every day but whether the things I scribble down make sense or not does not matter to me now. I have decided to share openly the experiences of life which have made me wiser, my random ways of thinking, the crazy thoughts and ideas which fill my mind, and all the scribbling of many years gathering dust in my drawers where they sleep. I live in the present where only today counts.

Hopefully, I believe there will be someone out there who will find meanings in my writings. There will be someone that the message I carry will resonate with.  Surely, there must be someone out there in the audience, who will be motivated and inspired to live their dreams by taking Action NOW.

I wake up each day to my morning routines with a quick look at my calendar again. And thus, begun the day, doing the things I have scheduled. I am making progress; since making an effort is more rewarding than not acting at all. I am pushing myself to doing things differently, becoming more disciplined and realising the importance of setting goals and achieving them. Am imbibing a new attitude and taking new vocations that will equip me with the tools and keys to self-fulfillment.

I love photography so I have begun reading about it. Reading articles, blogs, on photography and nature.   I do love the sight of great cakes. Hmmmn, yummmmy, and no, I am only curious to learn more about baking cakes than eating a bunch of them. I have started taking practical lessons on new recipes. Not any thing professional, but just so, to be able to bake even the simple birthday cakes for the people around me whose love and care makes me sane.

And I know it seems like a whole lot of things to accomplish, Oh yes, I can with proper planning.