Solitude: Self-Discovery in Aloneness

“Alone time is when I distance myself from the voices of the world so I can hear my own.”  —   Oprah Winfrey


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In solitude you find – silence, peace, calm, ideas, creativity, and an inner voice that speaks to you. To find solitude is to find that moment of aloneness, when you retreat from routine activities, the crowd and company of others to connect with yourself. This requires a sense of discipline.

We are bombarded daily with different kinds of messages on the Airwaves and Social Medias.  And, our lives are inevitably influenced by the information we see and hear.  These external influences can deter us from following the compass of our lives. We shift focus and derail in our visions. Though, I enjoy the beauty of these digital interactions, I believe there is need to withdraw into my own space on a regular basis.

“In this wired age of non-stop communication with little or no time for reflections and contemplation, many find it necessary to carve out time in order to have the opportunity to be creative, innovative, and imaginative.”   — Kashmir

So, whether you are a workaholic, or a proud philanthropist, or a Healthy-Living Expert, or simply living your life craving for more or even less; you need to create the time to disconnect from the routine day to day ‘pull and push’ of life.  Step down on your activities and take a break in solitude. This enables you to assess yourself and know if you are living within the context of your values and plans.

However, it is important to know when to disconnect from the distractions of the world. When to shut down everything that constitutes stress and create a personal space to seek peace.  When we embrace solitude, we embrace peace and quiet. Our mind travel and wander to areas of our lives that had hitherto been neglected. And, we rediscover our purpose in life.

“Solitude gives you that break to reflect, to contemplate, to assimilate and much more; you understand yourself better”.

Thus, to disengage from the trappings of society and human activities, it means:

To have our sanity and hear our inner voice.  You realise that life is not as hard as it seems. You realise that, perhaps, you need to slow down and take life easy.  You need to pay more attention to your health.  You look inwards and then discover that ‘self’ comes before ‘others’.  You realise that others can live without you and that the world does not rest on your shoulders.  This period helps you reflect on life’s journey, the past and future prospects. You seek more knowledge that enriches you.

To achieve all of these, you must plan for the moment of solitude. You must schedule this time.  I call it a time to take a holiday with the mind as your only companion.

Last year, I was torn between taking critical decisions in my life.  I was hearing voices from different channels, friends and family members. These voices encroached on my inner peace. My life was slowly whittling away. So, I withdrew to an alone place to rediscover myself.  I embarked on a trip because I needed to hear that tiny inner voice of my soul speak to me. For two weeks, I dialogued with myself.  And, a power within me emerged. Oh yes, I discovered that the critical decision I needed to make was to begin my passion. I took a decision to sculpt my life towards my dream – the passion of writing down my thoughts. Writing to be read.

There is nothing wrong in observing some quiet moments to think. Moments to engage with our thoughts and listen to our spirits. This is a time of soul searching, and conscious closing up of all sounds from our world. This is a moment to inhale fresh thoughts. It is worthy to find this moment of aloneness. And, to experience the revealing power of the strength in you.

I have written this Blog post as an entry for the Write Anything Wednesday, Daily Post Community Event, organized by Writerishramblings.


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21 thoughts on “Solitude: Self-Discovery in Aloneness

    1. I agree that sometimes it’s difficult to find that ‘me time’. But the result of that ‘alone’ moment is always reflective and refreshing. Thanks a ton for reading. Have a blessed day. 🙂


  1. We should make this a priority on our day: be it the first thing we do in the morning, or the last before we go to sleep. I tend to talk with myself a lot when I’m walking or in idle times. 🙂

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  2. The clarity and flow of your writing definitely comes from a mind in tune with itself. Soothing and uplifting. There is a saying that one cannot enjoy the company of another if one cannot enjoy ones’ own company, and that just goes to say that our moments of solitude consciously cultivated, help us gain the clarity and inner wisdom we need to face life everyday. Whether it is at work, or in our social interactions, we are able to bring freshness to every encounter when we make out time to recharge in solitary moments. I enjoyed reading. Thanks for sharing.

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