Friday Giggles Debuts!

Tune in to Friday Giggles  – Every Friday!

Day 15 and final day of Blogging 101. The prompt is to pick a weekly feature for one’s blog.

In response to today’s prompt, I have decided to create a weekly feature titled – Friday Giggles. This will be a time to talk about my plans for the weekend. I will write about activities or events I’d attend if there are any.  And if there are no places to visit or activities to engage in, I’d only ramble about some crazy thoughts.

Perhaps, it will be a lazy weekend with no particular event, in which case I will have to sit and mull over life, or read, or take my usual long walks. Whatever! I’d still ramble about nothing.

I hope you will keep up with my posts and gist along with me. Maybe you can also tell a bit of what your weekend activities will be from your own space.

For this weekend, starting today Friday, I have just written the Three Day Quote Challenge, which has gained prominence in WordPress.  Also, I wrote a Poem about my life’s story.

You will agree with me that expectations are what life is embedded on.  It gives a sweet feeling when you are expecting something awesome, right?

I am so excited.  This Sunday, I am going to be a Godmother or is it called a Baptismal Mother? You tell me!

Wow! I kinda love the feeling of playing a spiritual mother to this sweet innocent toddler, whose entrance into the world in August last year, made her parents beam with great Joy. Yours sincerely was elated to cuddle the tiny little creature few hours after he arrived the world. He is the charming and cute son of my amiable friend Marie-Louise.

I’m expecting a fun weekend filled with warm embraces, soft hellos, whispers, lovely winks and smiles. Need I also mention the tighter hugs, firm handshakes, quick short elevator pitches, and introductions? There will be exchange of pleasantries and banters among the several guests and family members that will be in attendance. Great!

Since activities are the hallmark of celebrations, I will be busy trying out some culinary ideas.  I love cooking so after this time out, I will resume my tasks in one of the most comfortable places in my home – my Kitchen. Here, I play around with different recipes.

What are you expecting this weekend? To party, visit friends, read a book, work on your blog, what? And if you don’t have any specific plans; plan to be at peace with your inner self.

And I leave you with this word to ponder on: There is beauty in life. Find a beautiful moment in your life, reflect on this moment. It will bring sweet memories back again. 🙂

Peace and Love!

24 thoughts on “Friday Giggles Debuts!

  1. I will certainly keep up with you. I haven’t completed my weekly challenge assignment as I have a busy schedule. However, I do intend to post short stories. Working on that as well as the regular blog. It has been a pleasure getting to know you and read your posts. Have a blessed weekend. And, based on how I work out my job and writing schedule, I may join you in the Friday posts.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. So sweet of you! Same feel here, it’s nice meeting you and I hope we’ll continue to support and impact on each other. I will stay tuned to your updates. Catch ya and a blessed weekend to you. 🙂


    1. Awww… my lovely friend, glad you stopped by! Your words are a good start for the day. I feel energised waking up to a lovely comment. I am doing wonderfully. Thanks. And trying to keep up with writing demands. Not easy I tell you. Tomorrow is D-day for the Baptism and I look forward to the moments with my cute godson, haha! How are you doing too with your beautiful daughter? Have a fabulous weekend and thank you so kindly for warming my heart on a snow cold Saturday. 🙂


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