Golden Nuggets!

As I type this post, my cup of green tea with honey is staring at me warmly. Perhaps, wondering why my gaze is so fixed to my Laptop this snow blizzard Saturday morning. With a tight schedule and activities lined up in my face, I needed to accomplish my first task of the day. To fulfil my blogging obligation and post my daily musings. 

Today, I want to share some key take-aways. Oh, sorry, not that ‘takeaway’ from the fast food joints. This one is more like food for thought. Something for you to chew on. You can call it some caution lights or pointers. Well, give it your own meaning and it’s just okay. Afterall, is life not about different strokes for different folks?

Here I am with these golden nuggets to remind us that life can be a sweet haven. And our attitude determines to an extent how much we can get out of life. I wove these thoughts together and hope they will find meaning in your heart.

Enjoy the read and have a relaxed weekend.

Your life is in your own hands. You have the right to do what you love with it.

If there is anything you don’t like about your life, then change it.  If you are in a job you don’t like, quit.

If you don’t have enough time, then stop engaging in frivolous activities and use your time wisely in productive ventures.

If you need to find love, begin to prepare yourself for that amazing discovery.  But you have to start doing the things you love so that your love will find you and appreciate you.  Life can be truly simple and sweet.

If you’ve got something to eat at all, appreciate it as it is. Some people are not blessed with daily food.

Be open to new things. Accept new changes as they occur. Accept people who stroll into your life, because there might be a reason for that.  Don’t ever underestimate anyone. Don’t ever be a party to arrogance and pride.  Humility pays. Don’t forget that as humans, we might have different colours but we are from one source. Created by God.  And we are united in our differences.

Ensure that you strike a chord with people. Start a conversation with strangers and try to build and develop a relationship with other people who do not belong to your race.

There is always something to learn from a new person in your life. There is always something new to learn from everybody whether young or old, black or white.  Share your stories with others and let them be inspired by you.

Travel to other places. Leave your environment once in a while and find beauty in other geographical spaces.  Try a new dish as you traverse the world. Don’t limit yourself to the food you have always eaten.  Give your taste bud a new taste.

You know, getting lost sometimes will help you find yourself again.  Embrace opportunities when they come up.  Don’t forget that sometimes opportunities are shrouded in challenges so be smart and open-minded.  Try to seize opportunities because you may never get the same opportunity again in life.

Be grateful for what you have and be content while aspiring for more. Show appreciation for little things because they open up ways for biggers finds.

Enjoy the good things of life and create a happy relationship as you wake up every day.

Seize the moment and develop a positive attitude about life.  You can check out other musing for today:  Read here and Read a poem.

Peace and Love!

12 thoughts on “Golden Nuggets!

  1. Life is simple and sweet. We have to think about how to squeeze out the juice it gives, and a sure way to that is to learn. And we can learn by just meeting new people and going to new places. So we don’t have to underestimate anyone or restrain ourselves to an area.

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    1. You are right in your insights. I believe people should embrace life with an open mind and try to look deeper than the surface when faced with a situation. Thank you for reading. Hope you are having a good weekend. Enjoy your day. 🙂

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