Echoes of My Neighbourhood – #1

This is my first contribution to the challenge Echoes of My Neighbourhood, by Jacqueline.  Every Thursday we are invited to share photos of our neighbourhood and link them to Jacqueline’s post. I think it is an interesting way of having a glimpse of the world we live in through pictures.

Let’s take a look at what I’ve got here.  The photos below are from Copenhagen and Aarhus, Denmark.

See the beauty in nature! I may not like winter and the fierce cold but I love the snow. And since I love to see snow, then I must learn to endure the cold. It adds beauty and colour to every surface. Just last week we were blessed with its presence and here’s what I found. 

12640518_10208160042775881_14073573720057884_o (2) - Kopi

12622263_10208160045335945_9095756314719829561_o (1) (2) - Kopi

12513801_10208160040455823_1196241266441771916_o (2)

12525229_10208160042095864_8308757022521498811_o (2) - Kopi
Copenhagen Environ
Loved this when I saw it and had to click!

The above two photos are the views from Copenhagen, Denmark. Now let’s take a look at Aarhus.

Aarhus Rådhus (The City Council Building)



The Scandinavian Congress Centre, Aarhus.
Domkirke, Aarhus




Banegårdspladsen Aarhus. (The view from the Train Station)
˜The Rainbow Building in Aarhus
rainbow 1
Rainbow Building, Aarhus.

I hope you’ve enjoyed the Echoes from My Neighbourhood. Join me again next Thursday as I take you through the next surprise… Haha!

Thank you Jacqueline for this opportunity. I love it. 

Peace and Love!

11 thoughts on “Echoes of My Neighbourhood – #1

  1. That is such simple and superb idea .. living through pics . And I love the pics .. specially snow ones in the beginning .. Am heading to Jacqueline to see all places now.

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