Sweet Mother is My Song. Daily Prompt!

Today’s  Daily Prompt This is Your Song.

The song Sweet Mother by Prince Nico Mbarga, is a great classic I love to listen to. In this powerful song, Prince Nico praised MOTHERS for the love and care they give to their children.

I love to relish the bond between me and my mother. Though we talk regularly on the phone, I still love to listen to this song. Mothers are supreme! Mothers are special! I call my mother ‘MAMA’. I love her with my every breath!

This POEM is for you MAMA:


Nine months in her womb

For nine months I lived in her

Mama, Omalicha, Ezigbo-Nne!

My Sweet Mother!

Your breath sustained me in your womb

Until that glorious day when I graced the world

This sweet and sinful world


Though the Umbilical-Cord was severed

The bond between us was not severed

You loved me first

When you nurtured me with love

Pure love that sparkles and glitters

It shows in your every act

In your words and thoughts for me your child.

Me, your precious daughter

You fed me with your milk of love

You groomed me with your words of wisdom

You clothed me with comfort and warmth

You guided my footsteps

Your light illuminated my path

You watched me when I was sick

And prayed God to keep me for you


Your every act of love is never in vain

Now, it’s my turn to repay your good deed

As you age gracefully

My turn to take care of you, Ezigbo-Nne

My turn to show you the love you have shown me first

I loved you yesterday

I love you today

And forever I will cherish and honour you

You my Sweet Mother

Thank you for your tenderness and absolute love

A mother’s love, so pure so gentle

A mother’s love,

A treasure and a great pleasure


PS: Omalicha, Ezigbo-Nne (Beautiful, Sweet Mother)


Copyright © 2016 by Simpledimple

All rights reserved.

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