The Month of February!

This is the month of LOVE: 

Love pix.jpg

This is the month of February. And we all know it is the month of love.  I mean with a day set aside to express and show love, not just to those we have intimate relationships with but to those people who make our lives complete.

Welcome to the Valentine month!

Go ahead and show some act of love.

Begin with your immediate surrounding, your household and then jump out there to others around you. 

You may not approve of what people do and they may not even like you, nonetheless, walking in love should be a lifestyle.

“I love you and mean it.” This works well when it starts with I and you, not the other person.

Continue sowing seeds of love. If you don’t reap the fruits now, the world will. Even if no one remembers those simple act of love you express, God, the Unconditional Lover, will.

May Love visit your life this season and remain there forever.

Peace and Love!


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