Quirk of Habit – Daily Prompt!

Which quirky habit annoys you the most, and what quirky habit do you love — in yourself, or others. This is today’s Daily Prompt – Quirk of Habit.  

Below are some Dictionary definitions of the word – Quirk:

“An unusual habit or way of behaving”.

“A peculiar trait”.

“Unusual in an attractive and interesting way”.

 “A peculiarity of behaviour; an idiosyncrasy”.

I will emphatically state that quirks are daily habits that we replay over time, which becomes an intrinsic part of us and quite difficult to wriggle out from.

All humans have quirky odd habits that is annoyingly peculiar.  It is amazingly interesting that we all have a number of habits that define us whether we accept it or not.

923782339-we-are-all-a-little-weird-and-lifes-a-little-weird-being-in-love-quote (2)

On a personal note, I have my odd witty personal quirks which make me special and uniquely me. I’d like to emphasize that while we appreciate ourselves with our quirky off-beats, it is very ironic that we frown when other people display their quirky stuffs. These habits though odd define us. It separates us from the other person. It’s truly what we do and who we are. 🙂

Having recently started writing on a daily basis, I am gradually forming the habit of staying glued to my PC or even my phone to read comments or write a post.  I didn’t notice the bad side of it until people around me began to complain.  Recently, I visited a friend of mine and stole some time away to be in my own world. I didn’t realise the amount of time I had spent away from the crowd, until they came looking for me and practically whisked me out of the room to join others in the birthday celebration.  What do you call that?

Well, as an early riser, I get my writing to a start after making myself my fav cup of tea.  I spend concentrated time trying to write a post or read blogs. It’s virtuous to wake up early I agree, but having to drink tea all the time is an interesting addiction for me.

I will describe myself as an organised person. I like everything to be in a perfect order, well not so perfect, but near-perfect. And this can be annoying with others around. Everything must be in their place.

Quirky habits I indulge in but find a bit odd when flaunted on my face by others:

1357574799_q-tip (2)

When others use the Q-tip or cotton swab, bring it out and look at it admiringly as if to say, well-done for this much wax you cleaned out of my dirty ears. Haha!

sleeping habits (2).jpg

We all know the common quirky sleepy habit most people possess.  The Zzzzzz thing! Hmmn, I can’t sleep because he or she is snoring down the whole house. 

How does it sound when people tell jokes that I call the quirky off-beat sense of humour?

What about procrastination? Everyone is almost as guilty as I am. Sometimes we believe we can beat time and leave out doing certain tasks until the last minute.

Finally, these quirky habits start with the first initial step. It gradually escalates to a routine and becomes a full blown addiction and an integral part of us. It becomes an attitude.

The list is endless.  Everyone has an odd personal quirk. We live with it and it is a part of the human story.

Peace and Love!

16 thoughts on “Quirk of Habit – Daily Prompt!

    1. I agree! We all have them, what matters if whether they affect those around us positively or negatively…. I doubt commending a Q-tip for its good work would harm anyone though, haha.

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      1. True, true – a younger sibling checking a Q-tip in the privacy of home, is a lot different than someone sitting right beside you on the public bus! I love how we’re talking about Q-tips and ear wax here, haha.

        Liked by 1 person

  1. Funny thing is, I recently wrote a ginormous list of all the cute “quirks” my kitten Curie has (found here)
    Just like humans, I always find it so fascinating that even cats and dogs, along with other creatures of the wild, have their own peculiar habits.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha! Life is about quirks and habits. Whether they are good or bad habits depend on what they are. It’s quite relative how we perceive them. Lol. I have enjoyed your feedback thus far. Thanks a ton, Milliethom. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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