Alma Mater – Daily Prompt!

Hello Everyone!

Good Morning!

And a big Congratulations to YOU! 

I am humbled by this invitation to give a speech here today. I salute my prestigious Alma Mater. 

It is indeed an honour for me to stand before you awesome graduants, on this beautiful morning. A morning that I would call your proudest moment.

That special day that you have always envisaged is the now, the present and I am here with you all to share in the pleasures.

I am grateful to God to have graduated from this prestigious College.  I came here to seek knowledge 10 years ago as you are all aware. And the thorough training I had in our renowned citadel of learning has changed my life immensely.  Standing before you today is a Writer, a Poet, and a Conmmunications Expert, whose literary works are changing lives all over the world. As a motivational speaker with over 30 books out there, I stand here as an accomplished woman, grateful and happy with my achievements thus far.

I know I am older than you all here present. I mean those of you in your graduating gowns and hats.  But having said that, age is just a number. So today, I stand before you as your equal.  I was once like you. Once a graduating student. Soon, it will become official that you have graduated from a world class institution.  And you will be officially called an Alumni of Giggles and Tales College. This is no small achievement I dare say. It’s a wonderful experience that will linger on for a long time to come. A wonderful feat that will take you far in life if you make the right choices. Take note, the right choices.

What do I have to tell you today?

What is that thing I would talk about today that will act as a guiding manual or compass as you go into the wide world.  Okay, I’d like to talk to you about the unique paths you have taken to get this far. No, that is not what I wanted to talk about. I’d like to talk about who you have finally become by finishing this 4 year programme. I mean, starting college and getting to go through it with hardwork and tenacity.  You have become shining examples to your peers out there.

You have all come this far and have become proud Giggle-lites.  

I am here to tell you that life is no joke. You have to strive hard if you want to have the best lives. If you want to be the best then be ready to pass the series of tests which life will throw at you. You will be the best but it’s not going to be entirely by your strength.  Or because you are most intelligent, smarter or richer than every other person. No. The race is not about the beginning or the start, it’s about getting to the finished line. To get out there in the world and clinch success is not a child’s play.  There are many hurdles to jump.

The key to success has been handed over to you by the degrees you all adorn today.  Your duty now is to open up your mind as you walk out of this great institution.  Open your heart and mind and embrace life.  Engage in profitable ventures. Spend your time with people you love and those that make you happy.  Spend your time doing what you are passionate about. What you love because in doing what you love, you invite happiness to your life and that is what you need to get far in life.

Let me tell you something about myself today. I would have ended up differently. But I am lucky to have a good childhood. I had parents who instilled in their children some good virtues about life.  I was fortunate to have been born into a family that pride education so high. My home glowed with love. There was an appreciable level of peace which meant that I was focused with a stable life.  My parents taught us about discipline, character and humility.  These are virtues that will take you far in the larger society.

To go high in life, you must have some core critical values on how to conduct yourselves in the society. Believe that you will survive all odds and face challenges as they arise.  Believe that you will be focused and determined.  Ensure that you are able to adapt to any situation or any culture life takes you to. Strive to finish whatever you start. Be dedicated to your work or business or whatever you find yourself doing in the nearest future.

Most importantly, today, I urge you to believe in yourself.  Practise self-love. Love yourself enough so that it will encourage you to love what you do and also see love in other people.  Love those who are different from you no matter their colour or where they come from.  Be focused. Be ambitious and fight with courage.

Having said that, I have to cut a long story short. Be aware that there are no short cut to success. It doesn’t pay on the long run.  Run from arrogance and pride. These two are enemies of success.  Don’t brag. Don’t hate. Keep your head up and carry yourself with good confidence.  Develop your imaginative power and put on your creative cap. Think positively. Exude confidence. Yes, self-confidence is equally important.

Remember the prestigious college you were a part of.  Be proud of the legacy you have been bestowed in your degrees and papers.  This is the legacy I have held on to since I left this charming school.

I am so honoured to pass same to you today.  Be proud of this legacy and uphold it with all your might.

As you sit here today surrounded by your loving families and friends, be assured that they are proud of you. You need to work hard so that they will continue to feel good about you and be proud of your future decisions. So be wise, be smart and be courageous.

Be a friend of God and look up to HIM for directions.

Go all out and become world changers. Become great Entrepreneurs. Become successful. Remember that YOU can be whatever you choose to become.

Once again, congratulations to the Class of 2016.

I thank you all so very much.

God bless you.

This Blog post is in response to the – Daily Prompt – Alma Mater.

9 thoughts on “Alma Mater – Daily Prompt!

    1. Haha! A hurried job in its raw state done in between work. Now, it’s funny that I just founded a college on WP. Lol. Thanks my dear friend. You will be a stakeholder in Giggles College in the near future. Amen.


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