Adele Sings for You…

Yesterday was Valentine’s Day. 

How did the day go for you? Did you celebrate LOVE? Was it sweet love or bitter love? Was it a moment to think and cry or a moment to remember with butterflies in your stomach. Was it what you expected or did it leave you with blows and punches to your ego and pride?

What meaning do you ascribe to Valentine’s Day? A day, which is fast becoming acceptable as a Hearts Day, earmarked to showcase love in its entirety. Even though we should inject our lives and relationships with a daily dose of love and affection.

I have this to tell you today. No worries for the lonely soul. Don’t dwell too much on the headaches posed by love. Don’t even fight LOVE. Let it happen when it so pleases. Did I hear you say easier said than done?

Well, never give up on Love either.  Love is bittersweet… Love is fleeting, except the love of our parents. Well, in most cases.  Love just like time as well as life itself is ephemeral.  The compelling truth about this brevity is that life, slowly and inexorably happens while we are floating in our dreams and consciousness. Our lives is not in our control or grip. It unfolds without a stamp of our consent and this is an emphatic statement.

Whatever yesterday threw at you, was what it was meant to be. Accept it and keep moving!

Here is Adele wishing someone out there the best in LOVE.

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