The Sceptre of Love…

I come from the beautiful land of Adaigbo

Where at dawn we begin the journey

To the farmlands and the streams

Clamped with our baskets, machetes and hoes

We thread at dawn as the cock crows

 And moved in hurried strides 

Towards Obida on other days than Eke day

And towards Ubu when we choose to

Filled with awe of the ancestors path

We chatter about dreadful spirits

Dwelling in myths and legends

As we pick Ichewu along the narrow paths

Fruity delights, a good incentive for our worries

Our empty baskets adorn our ruffled hair

Awaiting our return with a full harvest

A journey to toil and till the soil


I come from Nshi land

Where at night we wander about in the moonlight

Seeking out hiding places of our peers

As we play hide and seek 

Singing songs and telling stories

Folklores rich in myths and legends

Our oral tradition lost in the guise of modernity


When the mortar and pestle wrestles

We know it’s time for family devotion

A call to feast on our pounded yam

Dipped in the rich tasty soups of

Ofe Nsala and Ofe Egusi

A daily roundtable we all await and enjoy


Mother’s soprano voice is heard but far

In the neighbourhood 

Climbing orange trees

And plucking mangos


Fetching firewoods from the backyards

We laugh at our follies

And mimick the baritone echoes of Father 


I come from Nshi land

The land of brotherhood

A land where my brothers cry

Sends away sleep from my eyes

We hold the sceptre of love

From our ancestral link and bond

We bond as one to melt the

Burdens and weight that we carry

We split our ends for togetherness

You my brother and my sister

Who left me with mother’s breast milk

I hold up the mace for you

For our children and unto

Our children’s children

I bequeath this family orchard

From generation to generation

The bond of love must not cease

Embrace one another in pure honest admiration

Let the bond of love lull the discords that roars and glows

Let it unlock the hatred rooted in the guilt cage

Inspite of the intrusions of holy man

Do not discard this golden sceptre of love

The creed of our time

Hold on to one another for Mother’s sake

Let us march in oneness

Speaking with one voice


I come from the land

Where family values are shared

Where homage is paid to the Diokpa

Where the first born is trusted with the family keys

The Land

Where blood fuses us together

In pain

And in joy

We clamour for


And love

I come from Nshi land

The beautiful land of Adaigbo



Words              And          Definitions

Obida:                                 A Stream in Azungwu village

Ubu:                                    A Stream in Ogbe-Ubu village

Eke Day:                            One of the four market days

Ichewu:                              A tropical sweet/sour fruit

Diokpa:                            The first male born child or the eldest man in the clan

Nshi & Adaigbo:            Other given names for my town

Ofe Nsala & Egusi:         Soups eaten with Poundo yam and the likes


Copyright © 2016 by Simpledimple. All rights reserved.



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