Evasive Action, My Best Secret – Daily Prompt!

This Post is in response to the Daily Prompt – Evasive Action:

What’s the most significant secret you’ve ever kept? Did the truth ever come out?

What is a secret by the way?

A secret is something that is kept hidden from view or concealed from view.

A secret is something that is hidden from other people’s knowledge. 

I am not given to revealing secrets but since this is a task, I am wondering if I should oblige or not.

Okay, I would love to tell you these secrets I have hidden in my inner most heart over the years. But tell me, if I told my secrets, what would you do with them? Can I really trust that you will keep them away from others? Would you hold them close to you and never stray your mouth or vomit them out after a sip of wine?

If you promise me that you would not scatter them on the ground, but guide and cuddle them as you would protect a new born baby, then I will spill them out.

I’ve tried to think about the many secrets that some of my friends have shared with me about their lives. Oh! Hmmn, yes, I remember some of them vividly now.

Would you like me to tell you all of the secrets or just some of them?

Well since you asked, please take a seat and make yourself comfortable. Okay, here it goes, but first, I will tell you something.

Few years ago, a close childhood friend of mine shared a confidential matter with me. She made me promise never to mention it to anyone else.  She emphasized that if the secrets ever gets out, she will never forgive me.  She didn’t want any of our common friends to be privy of the information. It was her life and she didn’t want to become a laughing stock among our peers or in the neighbourhood school.

My word is my bond. I whispered to her on that hot afternoon while we were eating groundnut in my father’s compound. That was my friend, the quintessential Rosemary. We chatted over many things and then she began her story.  To say that I was rooted in utter shock is to put it mildly. What my ears heard, honestly, my mouth could not scream out as my whole energy was sucked out of my veins.

After she had narrated her shocking experience, I held her closely and vowed that I will not reveal her secret tears to another person. I promised her that I am a true friend who will never betray her come what may.

It wasn’t like Rosemary killed someone or stole anything from anyone. No. She didn’t commit any of those hideous or heinous crimes. She would never hurt a fly.

I am reminiscing now, and secrets shared to me are flooding back into my head. My mother once told me to beware of those people and friends who poke their noses into other people’s affairs.  And my late father buttressed my mother’s point by stressing that we, their children, should never disclose any secrets we promised never to divulge.

I know that keeping secrets is not a good lifestyle especially among couples or in very intimate relationships. Then again, I know that when a secret is shared to a third person, that secret is open for public consumption.

In the light of the above, I always listen to my father’s sagely advice and wisdom.  They have helped in grooming me to be who I am today.

So, I am holding on firmly to the promise I made to those wonderful people who entrusted their inner most secrets to me.

Have you been scrolling down, patiently, waiting to hear the most kept secret, I hope you’d understand my standpoint.

Perhaps, you too might want to share some classified information with me. Or betterstill, tell me some secrets in the future, be rest assured that no one else will know about it even when it comes in the guise of a daily prompt.

Secrets (2)

But come to think of it – 

secrets images4 (2)And this was the most significant secret I have ever kept. Whether the truth will ever come out is for the future to tell.

Peace and Love!

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