Winter Season – Daily Post Prompt!

The Daily Post Photo Challenge Seasons! 


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12513801_10208160040455823_1196241266441771916_o (2)

Everything appear beautiful in its season.

Take the seasons of the weather for example: They appear distinct and beautiful.  I wrote a poem in the autumn, last October. Instead of doing a re-blog today, you may check it out via this link.  October is Fall. I love the autumn leaves as they fall on the ground and form new carpets for us to march on.

I like all the seasons of the year, though, I frown at winter because of the extreme cold. Of course, I love the beauty found in the SNOW. So, I’d say it’s not entirely bad with winter…

As you can see, it’s the winter season and despite the cold, the entire landscape exudes beauty.

There is a time for the flowers and the trees to bloom, blossom, shine and wither away.

I love life itself.

Life may be here today but not guaranteed the hope of tomorrow.

Life happens. Life dies!

Just like the trees that shed their leaves in the autumn, they are ripped off their honour. They stay naked even in the harsh winter until Mother Nature allows the leaves to grow again.

Such is life’s journey. Sometimes it is all well and good, other times it is painful and sad.

Life and death belongs to seasons and periods.

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