Write Anything Wednesday!

This Blog post is an entry for the Write Anything WednesdayDaily Post Community Event, organized by Writerishramblings.

For today’s Write Anything Wednesday, I will like to share a short inspiring story. I hope it will inspire someone to search for God if there is ever a doubt that HE exists.

There was a story about a man who went to a Barbers shop to have his hair cut and his beard trimmed.  As the barber was cutting his hair, they started a good conversation which touched on so many aspects of life. Their talked continued in good humour until the man touched the subject of the existence of God.

On hearing God’s name, the Barber became uncomfortable and said:

I don’t believe in the existence of God.

Tell me if God existed, there will be neither suffering nor pain.  Why do you say that asked the customer? The Barber exclaimed: There is no God. You only have to go out in the streets to realize that he does not exist. Tell me, if God exist, would there be so many sick people or so many sufferings in the world…?

I will illustrate this story in the dialogue below:

Barber versus Customer (Man)

Barber:  Customer, I don’t believe that God exist

Customer: Why? What made you believe so?

Barber:  If there was God, there won’t be any poor people. There won’t be any suffering and nobody will lack anything in the world.

Customer:  Well, the Lord will prove himself for you to believe. Right?

As they were talking, a little while, they both saw a dirty madman with over-grown hair. He looked unkempt.

Customer:  Do you know that Barbers don’t exist?

Barber:  This is laughable. How can you say so? But you are here and I am a barber.

Customer:  Oh really? If there was a barber, this man will not have over-grown hair. He would have had his hair cut and trimmed.

Barber:  Ah! But Barbers exist.  After all, I have just cut your hair. His hair is unkempt because he did not visit the Barber’s shop.  If he comes to me, I will cut his hair and make him look clean and better. He should look for a barber to take care of his looks.

Customer:  Hmmn, my dear Barber, exactly the same with God.  There is God. He is waiting for you to declare that he exist. You have to believe that HE is… Only when you come to HIM believing that he is able… Then will you be able to see HIS good works.

If you pray to God, He will answer your prayers according to your needs. If you ask, you will receive. God is waiting at the door of your heart. Knock and it shall be opened. Seek and ye shall find. Search the scriptures today!

Barber: Became perplexed.

Exactly the point! There is God. HE does exist! People do not look to GOD for help. If they do with prayers, they will have a better outlook towards life.

Peace and Love!



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