Echoes of My Neighbourhood – #5

Here are the  Echoes of My Neighbourhood, a fun challenge by JacquelineEvery Thursday she invites us to share photos of our neighbourhood and link them to her blog. Will you let us into your wonderful space in the world? 

I think it’s a lovely way of having a glimpse of the world we live through pictures. 

Still on the clicks of Sweden: First was Malmo.

I was on a neighhbourhood tour of this beautiful Scandinavian country two weeks ago. Today, I bring you The Echoes of Stockholm, Sweden.

1924073_59262280504_942_n (2).jpg
*A Scandinavian Affair – Left is Norwegian Flag. In the Middle is the Swedish Flag. Right is the Danish Flag*



1924073_59260260504_502_n (2)
*Stockholm Town Hall*
1924073_59261415504_2164_n (2).jpg
*Stockholm National Musuem*
1924073_59261435504_5080_n (2).jpg
*The Water Front. You need a Stockholm card to enjoy travel with the Ferry*


*Music House, Stockholm*
1924073_59262290504_1939_n (2).jpg
*The Swedish Royal Guards playing some good contemporary music*
*The Viking Line*


20131205_150106 (2).jpg
*Popular Mall Across major cities in Sweden*


20131205_135620 (2).jpg
*A section of the enormous Stockholm Train Station*


20131205_140038 (2).jpg
*Side view of the Central Station*


20131205_132050 (2).jpg
*A major street by the central station*

Next week is another surprise. Kindly stay tuned. 🙂

Peace and Love!

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