Pat on the Back – Daily Prompt!

When I look at yesterday 

I see me. Broken.

Bruised, pained, hurt, drained

Stabbed, rejected

Yet I am here. Yet I am me

When I look at history

I see me. Drenched in mistakes

Guilt, Heartache, Betrayal


Yet I am here. Yet I am me


I look at the mirror NOW

I see me. Seared in scars. 

Evidence of life’s stories

Scars! Tattoos of triumph

A survivor

Resilient, strong, energized

Wrapped up in hope, faith, bliss

On the new pages

Soaked in self-love


I blaze ME.

The words of a proud me


In response to Daily Prompt – Pat on the Back

Copyright © 2016 by Simpledimple.  All rights reserved.



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