Counting Voices – Daily Prompt!

Daily Prompt – Counting Voices.   A lively group discussion, an intimate tête-à-tête, an inner monologue — in your view, when it comes to a good conversation, what’s the ideal number of people?

I hold conversations with people daily. Communication becomes a conversation when it is done verbally.  It is spontaneous and less formal.  I start a conversation when I engage in discussions with other people. It could be with two persons or more people. In any case, conversations can be fun and pleasant depending on who I am talking with.

However, the degree of satisfaction in any conversation varies. Sometimes I hold intellectual conversations. But when I am talking with friends and family members, it becomes a no-holds barred session, and we go to the extent of throwing witty banters at ourselves. This kind of conversation always leave me with teary eyes and bouts of laughter.

I don’t have any ideal conversational number to spark off a good conversation. Sometimes I converse alone. These are days when I observe my quiet times or periods when I want to be all alone. I carry out my routine solitude sessions mostly for therapeutic purposes or to solve a nagging problem.

Depending on my mood and free time, I hold very credible and worthy conversations on Facebook with family and friends.  Other times, it happens right as phone calls or on WhatsApp. This kind of conversation eventually becomes group talks when we need to bring in other people to join in the tête-à-tête.

I usually strike a conversation when I share a social space with a stranger. This happens when I am on a trip, on the bus, train or plane.

On a one on one conversation, I try as much as possible to maintain eye contact.  With this posture, I observe all mannerisms and expressions of the person (s) I’m talking with.

I practice active listening. I am never in a hurry to interrupt and cut into talks. I am a patient bird until the green light signals to me that it’s time to pick up the lines.  I listen not only to respond but also to understand and absorb what is being said.  I allow the other person to finish speaking before I proceed with mine.

At the end of any conversations, I ask questions for clarity. But this depends solely on what the conversation is all about and with whom.

Peace and Love!

13 thoughts on “Counting Voices – Daily Prompt!

  1. Hello! I’ve been following your blog for some time now and finally got the courage to
    go ahead and give you a shout out from New Caney Texas!
    Just wanted to say keep up the great work!


    1. Awww… So kind of you, Jona! That was thoughtful of you to give a shout out. Now, I know there is a Jona in Texas who is reading my posts. It will be nice if you could also comment or like any posts you read, which you find interesting. That way I can keep track of my readers and fans. But thank you for coming out to express how you feel. I appreciate. Cheers! 🙂


    1. Your blog looks quite good. Do you have any specific areas you want to improve? I’ll be able to help if I knew what you really want… But thanks for the follow. I look forward to knowing you better through your writings. Cheers! 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Thank you! Be an active blogger, post regularly and also visit and read other blog posts and comment/like… show/share love with other bloggers et al. It’s also a gradual step. It doesn’t happen over night. Hope this tip helps! 🙂


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