It’s a New Week…

Good Morning, Good Afternoon and Good Evening to you where ever you are on this globe.

I’ve woken up to a new day and a new week. Which means that it’s a new week loaded with new blessings. Some blessings are tucked away in profound disguises and you can only recognize them when you look hard enough.

Hmmn, it feels good to be a witness to life!

12742491_1025845020787991_3355232679914117481_n (2)

Yes of course! There is always something to be grateful to God for.  What is on your list this Monday?

I am thankful that the month of February was a good month and today marks the end of this unique and special month. In less than 24 hours, February 2016, will belong to the archives. It will be placed in history forever. Yet, life continues! We, as humans will continue to strive for a better living.

It’s Monday and a new week lie ahead of us. May we walk in the right directions and take decisive decisions that will make a positive impact in our lives. Amen.

Have a productive week and a beautiful day.

Peace and Love!

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