Let’s Play This Together…

Your happiness is solely dependent on you. You can control your emotions, your moods and how you spend your day. 

Well, I try to find pleasure in the simple things of life.  The very mundane things can make me laugh so hard. I admit I have squabbles with myself too.  But I choose to live in the moment and see beauty in everyday life.

If you love puzzles, games, search words, then let’s play this together…


12509078_1087318224644113_2379554406273523409_n (1) (2).jpg
*Love to play this…*

How did playing this make you feel?

Did you smile, laugh or cry? Did it make you feel bad?

Kindly type the first word you see. Let’s see how many words we can find.

Thank you for sharing your time with me.

Peace and Love!

52 thoughts on “Let’s Play This Together…

  1. Morning enjoyed the game! the 1st word for me was FAITH~ I love faith, it is what is needed to get me through my day each & every day!

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      1. I’d say you have a good gift of sight. It takes good concentration to get the words out. A moment ago, I saw words I didn’t even see before. Lol. Nice you played. Thanks. 🙂

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