Echoes of My Neighbourhood #6

Here are the  Echoes of My Neighbourhood, a fun challenge by Jacqueline. Every Thursday she invites us to share photos of our neighbourhood and link them to her blog. Will you let us take a peek at your wonderful space in the world? 

Today, I’d like to share with you one of the popular stores in Denmark.

Bilka is popular and the people’s fav choice. It’s a one-stop store where you can shop for everything you need. From groceries to household items and even electronics.

Let’s go on a virtual shopping:

SL370387 (2).JPG
*…means welcome in English. Welcome to my World!*


10882295_10152927836400505_4482500221551574860_n (1) (2).jpg
*The Danish Flag – the Danes are so much in love with their National Flag. Shot taken from a Ferry*
*Welcome to Bilka’s Entrance door*



*…Wine in English.*
*What’s your choice of wine, Red or White wine?*


*French or Italian wine?*
*Or S/Africa, USA or Austrialian wine*

Do you know that Danish traditional food is Kartofler? It’s called potatoes in English. Now you know! I had no choice but to fall in love with Kartofler.  Boiled, fried, grilled, glazed – I love them all especially with Brun (Brown) sauce.


And do you also know that Denmark is famous for Chocolates? Anthon Berg is a premium chocolate brand. It’s not a cheap brand and will put a hole in your pocket if it’s your preferred choice. Don’t say you heard it from me but this cost a fortune. Haha!

That was the Echoes from my Neighbourhood this Thursday. I hope you’d come take a view next week when I post a new surprise.

Thank you for your time!

Peace and Love!

16 thoughts on “Echoes of My Neighbourhood #6

      1. I’m born on the little tiny island called Samsø, another part of the childhood and youth I lived in Schleswig – later on I have lived in Viborg, Randers and Roskilde – the last about 15 years I have lived and work abroad – so glad you have been treated well and enjoys living in Denmark… 🙂

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      2. I was actually going to post photos of Samsø but stopped by Bilka and that changed the post. Haha! Denmark is a great country. Randers is beautiful. So where are you at now?

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      3. I live mostly in Alsace not far from Colmar – it’s my home now, works a lot i Strasbourg – some month every year I do work in Liverpool – besides I travel a lot due to my work – my old parents still lives on the island of Samsø…. 🙂

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