Connection – Daily Prompt!

The Daily Prompt – Connection. Write a new post in response to today’s one-word prompt.

They were never apart from each other

They could hear each other’s heart beat

Even when they were apart

They did everything together

They knew they were meant for each other

From the very beginning

She was his half

And he was her other half

Together they made a whole bunch of sweet souls

It was on a cold winter night

Enveloped by love at first sight

They searched each other’s eyes

And lost all senses as they bonded

In a deep passionate kiss

A kiss that pumped up their adrenalin

For a moment their breath stopped

As they captured each others soul

They knew it then

They knew

It was love

They knew they will never live without each other

Two hearts became entwined

Two souls melted into one

They held on to each other

Connected body and soul

Skin to skin

Blood mixed in absolute bliss

It was the kind love was made of

As they bonded as one


I wrote a post on ‘connection’ in January. You may take a peek Building Connections.


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