View of the Day – #5

It’s women’s Day!

Today, I’m sharing these photos because the ‘Women’ are not only the career women in exalted offices living good lives.

The woman is everywhere. She is in the midst of us. She is working tirelessly to provide love and comfort for her children and family.

It’s also a day to celebrate the ‘rural woman’ who goes through hardship to ensure her family feeds.

To their hardships and struggles, we must open our eyes and act with compassion when we hear their cries.

12795395_10153933384154449_2436814244857062542_n (1).jpg
*Hawking Banana/Plantain to earn a living*


*Cooking food for her family or perhaps for sale*


She is everywhere

Nursing, feeding, washing clothes, farming

She is everywhere

Hawking on the streets or as a petty trader on the roadside

In the market to sell her small wares

Mocked and called barren if she has no child 

She is everywhere

In the rain and in the hot weather

She is everywhere

Facing tribulations as a career person

Even when she is sick, she must feed her children

she must be the woman of the house

She must be the mother and the big sister

She must be a good wife

In most cases she is not expected to complain

 Yet, she SMILES serving food to her family

I salute her today and always because

She is so significant

She is the apple of the world.

She Rocks!


Copyright © 2016 by Simpledimple.  All rights reserved.


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