Friday Giggles – My Dependable Ally!

I have decided to tell the world how reliable you’ve been over the years.

Where do I start from? 

How do I celebrate you and capture your amazing beauty in words? You are my fortress when laughter become pain. Those moments I am with you, rolling back and forth and side by side is absolute bliss.

We seem to have known each other forever. You are ever gentle with me and always stimulate me to sleep.  On a lazy day, we relax together tapping away on the phone or surfing the internet, with a cup of tea that sits by us watching our romance.

I love the feel when my nose nestle into you, with your lovely smell permeating my face – the scent of me. I love the memories that seep into my brain when I am lying on you.  I love the bond between us. We are just inseparable. Thus, when I travel out, I ache all over because I miss you tenderly.

Every act before your watchful eyes is always a secret. I don’t know what would happen if you decide to tell the whole world what I do with you when no eyes are watching? You are a true confidant.

You hear me as I pray every day.  You know the secret of my heart. I have come to rely on your friendship because you know me in and out. Yet, never disclose my frailties.

The other day, I returned home dejected and sad because I was broken by the realities of life. I snuggled to you and you watched me cry.  I cried until the tears dried up out of exhaustion.  And you soothed away my pains.

You see me naked everyday but never an urge to rape me. On your watchful eyes, I do all kinds of unthinkable things and you just smile and stay mute. You have watched me perform the hip dance. Hitting you hard as I thrust in and out.

You watch me unclasp and unzip myself. And when I lay on you, your smoothness send my whole body to sleep, and together we snore away into dreamland in the dark night.

You are ever calm when I leave the house hurriedly after empting half of my wardrobe on you. You only smile and watch me slam the door. You see me leave the whole place in a mess but never scream at me to tidy up. In appreciation, I decorate you with different colourful linens in soft cotton.

Today, I am writing to tell the world that you are my inseparable ally, whom I return to every day to rest my tired body on. You, whose comfortable soul wrap up my whole body. You are so thoughtful that you let me do this every moment I want to and you have never disappointed me.

Indeed, my world is incomplete without you.

Here’s to my nest, to my buddy when I need to rest my body.

Here’s to you and I forever.

You – my warm cozy dependable Bed.

Copyright © 2016 by Simpledimple.  All rights reserved.


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