7-Day Nature Photo Challenge – Day 1

I got this nomination Click here for a 7-Day Nature Photo Challenge by a dear fellow blogger, our dear Relish.  Relish is a wanderlust and food nerd who has a great penchant for anything called food. She is the brain behind Project Relish, a  very informative blog that offers great tips on travels and food. I invite you to check out her writings and her rich collection of photos.

I am not much of a photographer and will showcase photos taken over a period of time from my abode and also during my vacations. So, bear with me and enjoy the sights of nature through my lens.

1454901_10202286925951631_1440291275_n (1)

This photo was taken in Denmark during the Autumn. I love Autumn because of the beauty found in nature at this season. The colourful trees and the leaves are a spectacle to behold. They tell a story that life can be beautiful in every stage of it, if we look harder to see beauty in the simple things of life.

RULES: Post one nature photo and nominate someone else per day for 7 days.

To kick-off this challenge, I am nominating A View From My Window. A dynamic blog about different perspectives of life.  Laura has been on the blogging scene for a while and I admire her creative talent in writing beautiful poetry rich in imagery. A prolific photographer as well. I am sure she will take up this challenge with ease and serve us some beautiful captures of Nature’s wonders.

Peace and Love!

9 thoughts on “7-Day Nature Photo Challenge – Day 1

      1. Exactly! And even in the middle of a concrete jungle, they can yield an impression of space and calm. Nature reigns supreme.

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