Today’s Musing!

How are you doing today? I expect you’d make it a relaxing weekend after all the going forth and back of the week. The weekend is coming up slowly but nice and I hope it stays that way.

I am up and alive this morning.  I dare say I had a good time in solitude in HIS presence. It’s LENT for those of us who BELIEVE in GOD. And occasionally on this page, I obey my instincts to write and declare HIS goodness upon my life.

Well, let’s have a friendly chat while you relax with a good cuppa.

Ruminating over life, I realise that I have people around me who have gone off track because they fail to hold on passionately to their passions and dreams. I was one of those people at some point in my life when I didn’t pay enough attention to the cravings of my heart. Today, I find joy sitting down and typing the musings from my head. And I feel great about it and thank God for putting me on the right track of my calling.

I know you are already living your life as you have desired it. However, I want to take you a little further into my muse. Perhaps, it will act as some encouragement from me to you today:

Tightly hold onto your calling and refuse to let it go. Be disciplined and stay really focused for it is all you have to live for. Life is not about living as conditions dictate or doing just anything but your own thing.

Hold on tightly to that thing which made your creator decide in favour of having you here now; for you are no accident. Your contribution was just so important and needed now that He didn’t spare His energy or time to perform the mysterious chemistry of pulling life from a mixture of slimy fluids.

Guess who that life was! You.

Now you’re here; right on the scene. Play your part as you should, maximising the use of your time. Always be conscious that though this life might be very sweet you’ll be called to exit the scene when your time is up.

For dust we are and unto dust we shall return, says the Maker.

Anybody can debate this in schools, parliaments and congresses but at the end even the debaters shall quietly exit the scene and return to dust when their time is due. For His Word cannot be broken and He’s in no struggle with anyone.

He is God all by Himself. He was never elected and cannot be impeached. Neither His existence nor will can be debated out of place by any mortal human.

Therefore, live your own life in the most meaningful of ways and stop the competition, jealousy, strife, hatred, hearsay, exclusion and wickedness. They can deter you from your purpose and hurt others out of theirs.

That was my reflections as I observed a moment of quietness this morning.

Thank you for reading. Enjoy your weekend staying close to your family and loved ones.

Peace and Love!


3 thoughts on “Today’s Musing!

  1. Hi …strange. You had given this link in a comment on my site which I had overlooked – and came to today when I was resolving to pursue my passion to write and resolving to “Be disciplined and stay really focused”. Maybe it is not so strange …it is the way our Creator weaves the thread in the pattern of our life.
    Best as He continues his masterpiece in us.


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