Weekly Photo Challenge – One Love!

The Daily Post Weekly Photo Challenge –  One Love.  The universe is telling me to focus on love. What is it saying to you? 

I attended four weddings last year and one in February this year. Most relationships are founded on LOVE! And the height of this love culminates in marriage.

Love can be found anywhere and everywhere and in everything. You only have to find pleasure in life to appreciate love.

Love is the essence of most relationships. And when you talk about family ties, you talk about love. The love between parents and their children cannot be over-emphasized. The love between a mother and her child is indescribable.

What about the love between man and woman?

In response to this love challenge, I would narrow LOVE to relationships. The love between a man and a woman.

Love glows. Love radiates. Love sparkles. Love is enduring. Love is forgiving. Love is joyous. Love is caring and sharing. Love is Life and life is living.

Here are photos of the wedding ceremonies to depict love.

10297830_729009747160207_2175760448195207687_n (1) (2)











Peace and Love!

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