Life’s Journey…

I looked down admiringly at the tiny life in my hands. Eyes tightly shut. Mouth pouted and the mien peaceful.

Ironically, this baby will grow to be a man and wondered if he were ever a toddler. Or even if he were ever in the mother’s womb.

Its majestic entrance into earth was a calculated one. Preparation had begun months back to welcome the wonderful gift from above.  Clothes and dresses of different sizes and colours have been bought. The house cleaned up, awaiting the coming of yet a new life.

I looked down on my hands and found a most peaceful, innocent and warm creature.  I loved it.  Admiring the cuteness in my hand, I said welcome to the world where life’s struggles begin from now.

Life begins the moment you are given birth to. The struggle for survival starts from that instance.

Yes! A toddler in the hands today, prancing its feet, babbling for words tomorrow – 123 and ABC.

Life’s journey had earnestly begun!

Every speech, every step, every breath either brings out the best in us or takes us backwards.  With every step, with every word pronounced, there is a difficulty in striving but the need to get better enables the push, the striving and thriving.

Being steadfast is a resolve to succeed.  The urge to push further and never give up fuels the steadfastness for accomplishments. From the cradle, there are significant changes; the metamorphosis and the transformations into a rare and unique breed.

How life will turn out depends largely on the choices made as the pages of life is flipped open every day. It’s an enormous responsibility to know the right steps to take. Focusing on the right direction of one’s purpose is everyone’s craving.

As a child, parents make the choices and decide the flow of things in our lives. But once you are of age to make your own decisions, the onus falls on you to either choose right or wrong.

Pray for divine guidance to choose right and take the right steps in your life.

Here’s wishing you a productive week and a blessed day.

Peace and Love!

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