Today’s Nugget – Tuesday Trickles!

A Tuesday feature in response to Jackie’s Thinking Corner – Tuesday Trickles. 

Endurance is melded through trials, test and tribulations, it is a test of your faith.

When your situation seems grim, endless and hopeless, rest in the fact that you are not alone nor has your Father in Heaven forsaken you.

We all experience setbacks and obstacles in this life, but do not make the mistake of allowing those challenges to change your perspective. You can’t go around thinking that those problems are insurmountable because negative thinking will keep you in bondage.

When problems starts raining upon your life, zoom in on Jesus Christ, allow Him to work in you, don’t ask Him how or when He will fix it.

Surrender all your situations to Him.
Don’t try to figure-out how God will work it out.

Walk by your faith.
Work by your faith.
Live by your faith.

Wait for God’s time, then you will see how your life will overflow with miracles….You are blessed.

Peace and Love!

Copyright © 2016 by Simpledimple.  All rights reserved.

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