7-Day Nature Photo Challenge – Day 7

I got this nomination Click here for a 7-Day Nature Photo Challenge by a dear fellow blogger, Relish.  

Relish is a wanderlust and food nerd who has a great penchant for anything called food. She is the brain behind Project Relish, a  very informative blog that offers great tips on travels and food. Check out her blog.



Both photos were taken while seated in a moving train yesterday.

Nature at every stage, every season and every time blesses us with it’s captivating looks. From human beings to trees, to landscapes and to everything found in Nature. They may look insignificant to the ordinary eyes but a more harder stare will bring to your eyes, magnetic views like the ones displayed here.

Today is the last day of this Nature Photo Challenge. I am leaving it open for any of my dear followers and readers who love to be a part of this challenge. It’s difficult to say who you are. Who likes it or not.

So you are welcome to accept this nomination from me. Go ahead, post and mention that I nominated you. Give me a pingback so I can see your post. 

Thank you all!

Peace and Love!  

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