Mystery & Lighting Effects – Photo 101

Day Ten: Mystery & Lighting Effects. Details of the assignment below:

A photograph can create a mood and communicate an idea that transcends its subject. At this performance at the 2013 Montreal Jazz Festival, there was a sense of anticipation, enhanced by dramatic stage lighting that revealed silhouettes of the musicians. What were we about to watch and hear? It was a mystery:

Today, share an image that creates a sense of mystery. A lone mitten on the sidewalk. A trail leading off into the distance. Your dog’s deep brown eyes. Intrigue us with uncertainty.

20151127_220110 (2).jpg

334628_10150353656664429_1755308577_o (1).jpg

*Displayed in a mall*
*Taken last night in Stockholm*



All photos were taken by me at different locations. The first shot was from ‘Vild Med Dans 2015’ dance competition. An annual all Star live show.

Never knew that some of my photo collections will become useful resource for me as it has revealed in this photography course. I am glad that my archives have a selection I could pick from. But of course, I’m taking note of the course content and details. All these tips I will consider in the photos I’ll take hencforth.

Today’s task is similar to yesterday’s – Check that out too if you’ve got time. HERE

Peace and Love!

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