Weekend 3 – Hone Your Eye – Photo 101

Weekend Three: Hone Your Eye.

  • Experiment with motion: take pictures of one moving subject or bustling scene, with and without flash. What are the results, and what do you prefer?
  • Observe and capture an entire scene, but also zoom in within it. Stick to architecture if you’d like: capture the size of a building, but get close to record its details. Or, choose something different — a farmer’s market, a festival — and take establishing shots as well as smaller moments within the scene.
  • Whatever you shoot, pay attention to what’s along the borders — practice in-camera cropping and train your eye to edit in your viewfinder or screen.
  • As you prepare a post with a gallery, try a different gallery type. If you published a Thumbnail Grid gallery last weekend, try a Tiled Mosaicor Square Tiles. Or, never published a gallery of Circles? Do that instead!
  • Revisit themes from this week.

Have fun! Cheers, Josh R. and the WordPress.com Team Continue reading “Weekend 3 – Hone Your Eye – Photo 101”