Officially It’s Spring…

It’s official that spring is here. Oh yes, with the change of time today, a new season has come. So, I woke up today singing a new song that nothing last forever. And times and seasons change telling me that no condition is permanent. 

Spring has finally arrived to spring up new surprises to our lives. To add more colour to the world. To make me blossom like the spring flowers sprouting up from their buds.

Spring will spring up exotic vacation getaways. Wow! Spring and summer time are here again! Gradually, darkness is paving way for light. The harsh cold is quietly getting nicer and milder… the layers of clothings are beginning to thin out. The winter boots and gloves are going back to their closets. And warm drinks will begin to exchange for cold drinks and ice-creams.

Yippee! Things can only get better I tell you, so don’t give up on life because of today’s hardship. Better days are ahead. Be patient, endure the bad times for hope will always come in form of new beginnings.

A new season has taken over and will be our companion henceforth. The birds are sighted now, singing happily and squeaking in delight.

Indeed, Spring has come with its beautiful and vibrant colours.

12512345_10154029415130850_3803396586268803435_n (1)
*Spring flowers blooming*


Spring is here in the woods
*Spring is here again*

Enjoy Easter Sunday with your family and loved ones. Reach out to others too with your love and kindness. Lets’s be happy for the moment.

And it feels good to be back home, hale and hearty after a short break – on a trip. I’ll return with my daily ramblings and presence here.

Thank you for being a sport. Love ya’ all. 🙂

Peace and Love!

21 thoughts on “Officially It’s Spring…

  1. You are such a cheerful person always looking at something positive in normal day to day things, I like this spirit of yours. Yes, definitely spring is here and there will be new flowers blooming in your life. Bringing lots of happiness and success.

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    1. Thanks a bunch, Dear Megha. You always put a smile on my face with your warm comments. I like to look at the bright side of life. I like to let people see that despite the odds, life is still beautiful. And the scent of spring is heartwarming. So, lets clink our glasses to the beacon of light. Thanks a mil. Have a lovely day. 🙂

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  2. A lovely post, reminding us that the wheel of the year never ceases. Spring is such a wonderfully colourful season after the monochrome shades of winter. Your beautiful photos show that so well. I totally agree with you that “things can only get better.” 🙂

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    1. Thanks a mil, Millie! I like @monochrome shades of winter… Really, it’s a breath of fresh air that spring will spring up light and warmth again… just love the thoughts.


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