Sunday Giggles – Personal!

She is back! Yes, Simple Dimple is back to continue her daily rituals here. I was away for almost two weeks travelling within Scandinavia. But it feels good to be back to base. East or West, Home is the best. 

I was so pressed for time and couldn’t be online as I would have loved. Was only able to maintain a skeletal presence. Therefore, I had a backlog of comments to respond to. And I’ve also got some Award nominations and quote challenges over a period of time.

All these shall form my blog posts in the coming days. Incase, you gave me an award or challenge and didn’t give me a pingback, I might not be able to acknowledge such except I get a reminder. However, I thank you all for your patience and warm thoughts.


Haha @ the above graphic. Oh yes, simply cheery to know that spring is finally here with all it’s radiant accompaniments. You got the drift, right?

Hope you are enjoying your Easter Sunday, for those who are celebrating the resurrection. And if you are not one in this faith, may the blessings of a new week be yours to enjoy.

Today has been a busy day. I tried to play catch up on blogs as well as respond to pending comments. It’s 22.30 pm here and soon, sleep will beckon.

Thankfully, tomorrow is a Monday with a difference. It’s a holiday at my end and hope it’s same at yours. This means, another day to rest and plan for the week.

I am happy to be in your face again. Hope you like it. 🙂

Take good care, Dear friends. And cheers to you!

Peace and Love!

19 thoughts on “Sunday Giggles – Personal!

  1. I heard once that a woman with weight was fluffy -I adopted this theory -but I thought ‘spring rolls’ was truly funny. thanks for sharing. Glad you’re back.

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    1. Lol. Yes, this graphic portrays more than is being expressed… haha! Hmmn, how about the weighty clothings in the winter giving way to the flimsy or even no clothing at all of the spring and summer climates… hehe! It feels good to be back here. Thanks for the read. 🙂

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