Monday Giggles – Personal…

As I sat on the train from Copenhagen to Stockholm, I reflected on nature and landscapes. There was just so much to see of the expanse landscape as the train zoomed-in high frequency. Beautiful cities of Malmo, Lund, Hässleholm, Linkoping and many more were great views. My neck almost jumped off my head as it stretched, moving here and there to get a good glimpse of everything.

Travelling can be exciting and fun. There is so much to see of Nature.

Yes, I mean Nature!

It is captivating












Talking about nature is like trying to know the mystery surrounding life.

Time has made me understand the intricacies of life. That I have begun to find love and beauty in tiny details, in mundane places and even in insignificant platforms. From fine thin lines, horizontal and vertical to the food items displayed on shelves waiting to be purchased.

Every trace of a horizontal and vertical line is a script that tells a story.

Every mundane object lying carelessly on the floor has a tale behind it.

You must look harder, deeper, to see the beauty wrapped in any substance or object.

You’ve got to define that beauty from your own eyes.

It’s up to you to weave a story behind your find.


Life is the center stage

You and I are the actors

Nature is the spectator

That watch our stage dance

Our actions and inactions

The choices we make and the decisions we take

The path we decide to tread along

Our evening walk and our hidden tears

The alone moments and the high times

The Chronicles of our everyday life

Make a good storyline whether it is embedded in gold or silver

Or just molded in ordinary clay


I pondered on so many things as the journey progressed. It was a five hours train ride that afforded me the opportunity to sit still and savour nature. Ruminate over my targets and plans for the year. Jot down ideas as they stroll into my heart. Focus on the moment and hear myself speak to me.

By the time the train came to a halt at the massive Central Station in Stockholm, I knew I had accomplished something by opting for the train instead of flying. I have enjoyed the moment spent with self in spite of the crowd around me.

I walked briskly to the Pressbyrån shop inside the massive train (central) station, to buy a ticket for my destination in the beautiful city of Stockholm.

Work first before I dash out to survey the city.

Armed with my camera, which has become a good companion, I walked over to the counter, to the damsel smiling sweetly at me.

Peace and love!


7 thoughts on “Monday Giggles – Personal…

    1. I’ve experienced low moment’s in life that I don’t want to be trapped in that unhealthy world. I made a choice to feel good about life hence my positive energy. I particularly like to make an otherwise bad situation, to appear better with a splash of humour. And I love to make people smile, laugh until tears trickle down. Thank you for your support and motivation, always. 🙂

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  1. Traveling actually takes us closer to ourselves, we got to know so many things about our own selves during the journey. And of course the whole environment makes us feel more grateful. Thanks for sharing your experience:)

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