Spring up a Change in Your Life…

This is the best part of the year for me. Is it the same for you?

Okay, do you want to know why it’s such a special time for me? Yeah, I’d tell you. Let’s just say it’s a season that refreshes me. Once again, a new start for everything! The season of new beginnings, the season of the rebirth, signalling a new bloom in nature. I call it my peak of the pack seasons, the moment of openness and freedom to be my true self, again.

I am sane knowing you are here, again, Dear Spring.

It is that time when I say goodbye without the usual emotional worries and pain. When goodbye brings me happiness and laughter, a time to say goodbye and welcome change without any gloom. I don’t feel sorry when I say, hey Mr. Winter, it was nice to have you around but I’ve got to say goodbye. Go, go, hide once again, gather together all your baggage, helmets and fur-coats, your gloves and boots and everything that spells you and stay quiet, at least for a while.

Go, because there is a turn in tides. Go, because I must dance again.

This is the time of the year when the sound of birds sing through my dreams, and usher me up to see the rays of the sun, streaming down the window like the colours of the rainbow, warming my body up for a new life. I smile just knowing it’s all bright and shiny out there.  I love, I love, yes, I love every single detail about YOU. I simply love the scents and the allure that herald your welcome.

I love you Spring because you send me Summer.

Consciously, many things change about me and I want to believe am not alone in this experience of a new sprint in life due to the change in nature.  Who wouldn’t be anyway? There is a glowing difference between light and darkness, cold and hot, winter and summer. It gives an awesome feeling.  It is always a delight to see so much light flash through the window as I open my eyes in the morning. It brings a new awakening and a breath of fresh air, a sigh of relief, to know that, the many coats of thickness shaded in black and grey are about to recline.

And I hear the flies buzzing. The squeaky birds singing, hello!  A new song is in the air, songs of freedom from the cold hands of winter. Therefore, I hereby, renounce the early dark clouds, the whispering wind and the shades of winter, for thee oh Spring. I have to flow with the tides. Change is constant.

Have you seen the flowers blooming back to life, the trees bouncing back, summer houses resonating?  And all of these, in their distinct gait, are telling me it’s a new dawn because life is sprouting out of nature, once again. Change is acceptable.

Even the malls are changing to the new seasons. When I enter the malls, everything tickles my fancy because the shops are all glittering, with coats of many colours beckoning me and you to come closer and have a glimpse of new trending stocks.

And of course, a time to welcome the flip-flops back on the feet. What a great relief to let my feet breathe again!

Here, even as I write, am singing one of my favourite songs…’coats of many colours’ (Dolly Parton). Join me in this toast – To light, to sunshine, to long days, to a new dance, to ice-creams and smoothies, to picnics and barbecues, to beaches and parties, holidays and vacations, to colours and most especially to the harbinger of beauty, Spring!

May we find love and friendship in the season of warmth.

Peace and Love!

10 thoughts on “Spring up a Change in Your Life…

  1. Spring here is little bit different. it is still cold. I am now longing for warm days. This time here days are bright I like that but I want more colorful spring I want flowers on the trees, I want to get rid off my jacket.

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    1. Not to worry, you will do all of that in a matter of weeks. The good thing is that the days ahead are going to get better, warmer and more colourful. At least from now to September we will enjoy light. The flowers are popping up already. 🙂


  2. Spring and fall are the two seasons I favor. I love spring because of the newness, as most of us do. The newness reminds me that God was grooming the flowers and other aspects of nature to spring forth in newness. The pleasure of seeing new things bloom always gives me hope that things change. Old things die out and new things spring forth. Spring is the reason I can appreciate the winter (never really liked this season although I truly understand it’s purpose).

    I love the fall because I see the winding down, the beauty of nature in its completeness. It prepares me for the coming winter. I love the fullness of the colors in nature, the beauty in the state of fullness and completeness.


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