Landscape – Weekly Photo Challenge!

This week, it’s all about Landscape photography. Show us your best establishing shot, out in nature or in an urban setting.

I love this particular challenge because I’ve got a good collection of landscape photos. I’ve shared some of them in the Photography 101 course.

Okay, hope you’d like these ones here.





All photos were taken in Denmark.

Peace and love!

Copyright © 2016 by Simpledimple.  All rights reserved.

15 thoughts on “Landscape – Weekly Photo Challenge!

      1. I am the first to admit that The Bridge (the TV show – Swedish/Danish version, not American) played a bit of role in the idea of visiting, but that part of Europe always interested me! Can’t wait to visit! How far is the bridge from where you live? Such a gorgeous bridge should be photographed often!!! LOL 🙂

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      2. Whatever the name of the bridge is… LOL It’s only translated as the bridge. Of course, I bet they talked about it in their conversations a couple of times in the show, um… I must’ve missed it… LOL 😉 😀

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