Triumph & Contrast – Photo 101

Day Twenty: Triumph & Contrast.  Triumph comes in all shapes and sizes: finding enough coffee to make a full pot. Having just enough gas in the tank to get to the filling station. Finding out your story was accepted for publication in that awesome magazine. 

What does triumph mean to you? It could mean that goal in the dying seconds, or any victory — big or small, personal or public. Today’s Tip: Triumph usually denotes drama of some sort, no matter whether it’s big or small. Playing with contrast is a great way to enhance your photos for a more dramatic effect. Cheers, Josh R. and the Team.

Triumph means different things to different people. For me, I’ve had different moments that I cherish so much in my life. And my travels are great experiences for me.

The Seine river in Paris.jpg
*This is the famous Seine River that divides the city of Paris into two equal halves*

Growing up, I fantasized of beautiful places in the world that I would visit when I grow up. One of such places was Paris. The reason was because a lot was said about Paris, France, in my ‘European History Class’.

Boat ride (2).jpg
*Boat ride on the Seine River in the summer*

1936807_116146634230_4270211_n (2).jpg
*Musee Du Louvre Glass Pyramid, Paris, France. This was a moment of bliss and triumph for me. A dream come true to see Paris and it’s beautiful spaces*

The famous Eiffel Tower was the symbol of Paris that ignited the curiosity in me. Well, that moment came years later and I found myself in Paris for a whole one month. I traversed the whole of that city within that period. And I visited four other cities in France. What else can I say? It was an awesome vacation with such exhilarating feeling of great accomplishment and satisfaction. Did you ever hear of this old slogan –  “See Paris and Die”?


1936807_116117284230_4611050_n (2)
*The Eiffel Tower, Paris, France*


Then came my first visit to Edinburgh, Scotland. Seeing the famous Castle live was a profound experience.

Edinburgh Castle.jpg
*The Edinburgh Castle, Scotland. A historic tourist attraction*

Scottish National Gallery.jpg
*The Scottish National Gallery*

The hours spent at the massive National Museum of Scotland was worth the whole exercise. I have a gallery of the museum in pictures.

Scotland Musuem
*Relaxing inside the massive National Museum of Scotland*

That was all for today’s Photo 101 and I believe today marks the end of this course. It’s been a wonderful time and I have learnt a lot about specific and distinct details in photography. Armed with this, I hope to improve my photo shots.

Peace and love!

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