View of the Day – #13

Today on View of the Day, I present to you – Berlin, Germany. Berlin is a fascinating place to visit, with an incredibly varied history.  Sure, you will have probably heard of the Berlin Wall or the Brandenburger Tor. 

Berlin is a world city of culture, politics, media and science. Its economy is based on high-tech firms and the service sector, encompassing a diverse range of creative industries, research facilities, media corporations and convention venues. Berlin serves as a continental hub for air and rail traffic and has a highly complex public transportation network. The metropolis is a popular tourist destination.


SL376434 (2) - Kopi.JPG
*The Reichstag Building (Dome). The German Parliament*


*The Victory Column on the Konigsplatz*


*The Brandenburg Gate*

*The Chapel of Reconciliation*




Berlin was the centre of one of the most infamous regimes in history, and remained so until 1945 when it was liberated by the Red Army. Unfortunately liberation was a painful process. After the fall of the Wall, Berlin became the capital of unified Germany and a building boom began in the 1990s that included more than 30 major construction works in the east of the city.

It has also become the cultural capital of Central and Eastern Europe, excelling in every field.  (Some info culled from Wikipedia)

Peace and Love!

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17 thoughts on “View of the Day – #13

  1. Interesting, how foreign visitors receive the capital of Germany, so thank you for the picture gallery. Recently, I had the chance to visit the capital twice. Among other places, which I had visited before, the memorial of the Berlin wall incuding the Chapel of Reconciliation was impressive. Also, the memorial to the murdered Jews of Europe and information centre is important and always worth a visit, to be found nearby the Brandenburg gate and the Reichstag building with the Bundestag parliament. As a political scientist, I appreciate the exhibition on parliament and constitutional history at the Gendarmenmarkt. Apart from historical, political sights of different colours, the City has numerous places of cultural and recreational interest. So, keep on exploring …

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    1. Wow! Love your comment. I was at the memorial ground… and have pictures of the murdered Jews of Europe… I’ve been to a number of cities in Germany and Berlin four times but I had problems selecting the photos to post, lol. 🙂 Where in Germany are you?

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  2. Thank you for your reply. As you may read in my wordpress name, I live at Nuremberg. Like the capital of Berlin, our City has a lot of stories to tell about “one of the most infamous regimes in history” – and we try and do it. You might have heard about the NS rally ground, the Nuremberg laws as well as about the Nuremberg trials. As a Nuremberg citizen, this memory is part of my life and thoughts. – Springtime seasonal greetings.

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