Contrast – The Daily Prompt!

This post is in response to the Daily Prompt  Contrast 2.

Winter and Summer

Two seasons with a lofty contrast

Day and Night

Profound with their unique trails

Love and Pain

Two words that evoke our emotions


Winter, Night and Pain

Grip me with their dark fearful shadows

They make me feel a pang

The kind I feel on a painful winter night

Summer, Day and Love

Exude a sweet feeling

I love Summer’s endearing long days

Glowing rays of hope that smile on lives


Love is charming and infectious

A refreshing drink that everyone clamours for

A sweet balm that heals the ache in the heart

A pill laced in sugar coatings 

A scent with a sweet fragrance


Pain is engrossed in sorrow, failure and loss

And eats the fabric of our hearts

Hurt, suffering and Death

Too painful to bear

Yet, you and I have a fair share of them


Love and Pain

Trample on my emotions

Simple four letter words

Encroach my inner peace

Love is pain

And pain is love

Two words locked together

Each with its own delicate texture

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