It’s a New Week – Say Yes!

Say YES!

Yes to life, living it knowing you can’t take back the hands of time. Work towards your goals so there won’t be any regrets in the future. And strive to achieve most of your lofty dreams because life is short.

Yes to enjoying life to the fullest, knowing when to take a break and engage your time in productive ventures.

Yes to sleeping but knowing that ‘too much sleep’ steal into your time. And time is non-renewable.

Yes to Face-booking but knowing you have to open your books, do that home-work, write that presentation or project, make that important phone call, reply to that email, write that job application, knowing there is a deadline to it.

Yes to success but knowing you have to work hard and be smart to know when opportunities come calling even in the guise of challenges.

Yes to watching movies in the weekends but knowing you have to do that laundry, do some cleaning in the house, go shopping for food and the list goes on.

Yes to crying and feeling low, upset, angry, frustrated, rejected, languishing in self-pity but knowing when to wipe those tears and move one. Yes to giving up trying, knowing it’s no fool to give up what you can’t keep.

Yes to you for keeping on despite the ups and downs of life and knowing that the bad times will also pass too and you will survive all the odds.

Yes to disagreements but knowing when to stop so it doesn’t escalate to a big fight and even killing.

Yes to autumn and winter and knowing that the time has come to welcome spring and summer with great vacations and holidays. Yes to the sun, to light and to smiling faces and bright colours and knowing that change is constant.

Yes to chocolates, ice-creams, cakes, sweets, especially now in this season of long days and sunshine, but knowing the side-effects of too much sugar and sweets in the body.

Yes to friendship, Love and Peace, knowing it makes the world a better place.

Yes we can if we try!

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