The Face of Spring…

Am I sentimental about the season? Not at all. I am just living in the present. I like to capture life from this very moment. The NOW!

So, officially, the long gray days of winter is over. Spring is on the scene now. We await the colourful beautiful days of spring and eventually the summer.

So here’s the face of spring to brighten up your day. 



11169949_962745723755771_2852022331991955711_n (2)




11148513_962745770422433_2595076677997853648_n (1).jpg

Peace and Love!



19 thoughts on “The Face of Spring…

  1. Is that cherry blossom? I love cherry blossoms. Brings back my childhood, but they are a sweet and beautiful flower. Do you have a favourite flower?


  2. I just got up to brighten up my day with all these pictures and your post of being in the present NOW.
    I see yesterday you visited my blog and have browsed my blog like a super sonic and have liked some of my posts. But I really felt your visit was very Simple but with no Dimples at all, I mean not a single comment. How will I know your impressions of my post if you go so speed, I for, cannot catch you with that speed you see. There are so many just put likes and go away without even reading. In your case I do not feel so though, but I did expect atleast one or two comments. Do not misunderstand I only felt since you had come all the way from Denmark which is so; far as I have mentioned,: “You have come all the way , May be crossing Seven Oceans , Mountains and Forests, would you not want to say something instead of going Bare Handed………”
    Do not make it forever dear, come see and read my other posts they may be of some use to you.
    Have a nice day and be in the present always.
    Why one doesn’t want to be in the present we shall discuss some other time.
    Fond Wishes,


    1. Hi Shiva, You got me thinking here. I took time to visit some blogger friends, read some posts and leave some comments. I left two comments on your blog, not on every post I read. Check your comments section again. Meanwhile, I have tackled the quote challenge you nominated me for. You liked it without saying anything about it…! I will get back to this again. Am at work now… Nice day. 🙂


  3. Dear Stella!
    I got your name.Ha Ha Ha
    Now let us take it humorously as always.
    I go and comment on so many blogs, how come yours I shall run without doing it.
    I did see that you have put two comments but one is of the pinning of your three quote challenge which you have responded. Yes the other one is on your response for the nomination.
    What I really meant was the comments you shall make shall hold so good and esteemed to me, that’s all. Otherwise there are so many who do and I have never asked anybody till date like this. I hope you understand.
    In response to your three day challenge I had put the like from my smart phone and was attending a funeral. Writing a text on the smart phone is bit difficult for me.
    Ofcousre its time constrain to everybody I understand that.
    Do well.


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