Three Day Quote Challenge – Day 2

It took me like forever to tackle this challenge but I am excited to be so honoured with the nominations. I’m taking all pending blogging awards and nominations one at a time starting with this challenge. Thank you all for your understanding. 

I love quotes because some of them speak directly to our conscience, situations and circumstances.

Three awesome bloggers nominated me a while ago for this challenge but I was pressed for time hence the delay.  This is a general acceptance to all the nominations and I hope it’s okay.

Many thanks to you Dear Irene of Walking The Path, for this nomination. So sorry it took me ages to pull through.

To my blogger friend, Shiva of  The Shiva’s Ponder, I appreciate your kind thoughts.

And to you Dear Millie Thom of Sons of Kings Trilogy, thanks a mil for this challenge.

3 day quote challenge

The Rules are:

  1.     Post three consecutive days.
  2.     You can pick one or three quotes per day.
  3.     Challenge three different bloggers per day.

Day 2 Quote – April 6, 2016


What can I add to the above quote? It’s so simple. What you sow is what you reap. If you do nothing about your life, you end up with nothing. If you step out of your comfort zone and work towards a goal, the result will amaze you. But until you do that, you will remain in the same position. It’s good to be curious and inquisitive sometimes. That way, you learn new things and have answers to pertinent questions. Don’t ever assume or presume. Assumption is the lowest form of knowledge. Work with facts and figures – in other words, ask questions.

I dare you to begin that process that will catapult you to the next level. Step out in faith.

My Day 2 Nominees are:  

Rose of Seeking You first

Jessica of Life with Jess

The Utopia Universe  

To the lovely Bloggers I have nominated for Day 2 – Please feel free to take up this challenge at your own time. It’s not a difficult task, rather its fun to try.

Watch out for Day 3 Quote tomorrow!

Peace and Love!

4 thoughts on “Three Day Quote Challenge – Day 2

  1. I couldn’t agree more with your summing up of this three-fold quote. When it comes down to it, life is what we make it, and if we do nothing about following our goals, or the things we want or love in life, we have only ourselves to blame when we end up with nothing. We simply must believe in ourselves and get out there an do it! Another thought-provoking and inspirational quote.


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