Giggle – The Daily Prompt!

Here’s to today’s WordPress Daily Prompt – Giggle. So what should I write on todays one-word prompt?  

Dear Friends,

I want to seize this opportunity to let you know that I cherish our relationship. I’ve realized that ‘love’ which begins as friendship is the sweetest of all.  Day by day, I am learning to trust your friendship and believe in your support. Step by step, I am learning to understand you better through your writings.

I cherish the content of our connection.  I cherish the mutual attraction of like minds who assemble together from different parts of the world, to be a pillar of support to one another. A gathering of people who believe that they can make a difference by telling their own stories in the blogosphere.

Dear Friends, I cherish you today and always. You will always have my sincere opinion and support. Forgive my imperfections. Tell me when I piss you off and don’t go making it a headline. You can always count on me, because I am a friend for all times. In good and bad seasons.

Need I reiterate it that my smile is infectious, that you’d brighten up in my presence because my jokes are contagious?  And if you tarry a while on my blog, cruising through the diverse posts and photographs, you’d sure get a giggle. Oh definitely, you can’t escape a good bout of giggling and chortling.

But why are you surprise? Have you forgotten that as the CEO of Giggles and Tales, it behoves on me to give you a chuckle and make you giggle until you erupt in good laughter.

Peace and Love!


9 thoughts on “Giggle – The Daily Prompt!

    1. You’re most welcome, Sir Romanus! I’m glad you got the drift. I am blessed to be your friend too, and gain from your sagely write-ups. Thank you and a lovely day to you! 🙂


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