Dinner Time – Weekly Photo Challenge!

For this week’s Photo Challenge, we are asked to focus on  Dinner Time: share a meal with us, or shoot during your dinner hour. 

The first photo is a traditional Ghanaian food that has become so popular even among other African Countries.  I was introduced to this food by a Ghanaian friend who served it for dinner early in the year.

The second food is one that I love to eat occasionally. And the last but not the least food, is a sauce I enjoy eating with Rice.

Come with me to the dinner table. Bon Appetite! 🙂

*Traditional Ghana food – Banku with fish* Banku is an indigenous fermented meal of maize or cassava or a combination of both, commonly eaten in Ghana. It is a popular food that is eaten as a dumpling with soups, made from vegetables, meat or fish.  This picture shows a meal of Banku eaten with fresh pepper (Chili) and fish.

10394652_10203163394560546_1461389379300027592_n (1)
*Pounded Yam and Vegetable Soup with Stew*  This food is a popular traditional delicacy eaten by various tribes in Nigeria, West Africa.  The soup is made with assorted meat, seafood and vegetables. Spinach and Lamb lettuce/Mache can be used in place of the traditional vegetables. I love this food.

*Beef and vegetable sauce* This is one of my ‘quick fix’ sauce served with rice. It’s fast and easy to cook. I love it with my fav long grain rice.  

All photos were taken this year.

Peace and Love!

17 thoughts on “Dinner Time – Weekly Photo Challenge!

      1. Hum..I guess because in the US yams and sweet potatoes are considered the same, we forget than yams can look different, too. Thanks for the knowledge.


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