Echoes of My Neighbourhood – #11

Echoes of My Neighbourhood., is a fun challenge by Jacqueline. Every Thursday Jackie invites us to share photos of our neighbourhood and link them to her blog. Will you let us take a peek at your wonderful space in the world? 

This great Sculpture called “BOY” is created by The Australian Artist Ron Muecks. A landmark of ARoS Aarhus Kunst (Arts) Museum. The five meters tall and 500 kg heavy boy is squatting in all his impressive glory at the northern end of the museum’s special exhibition foyer.


Boy (2).jpg
*This shot is from the internet*


And this is from my camera lens. 


1803_69320465504_2551_n (2)
*The Ron Mueck Sculpture ‘boy’ – A shot from my camera in 2014, when I visited the Aros Musuem in Aarhus, Denmark*

‘Boy’ is the result of eight months of heavy grafting, and the nearly five metres tall squatting boy is made of glass fibre.  BOY is a typical work from Ron Muecks. The details are carefully worked out and the sculpture seem so alive. The skin surface seem alive as well as the blood vessels.

With “BOY” Ron Muecks created one of the major works in AROS Art Museum. A museum with a huge collection of International Contemporary Arts.

I hope you enjoyed the view.

PS: This sculpture has more versions and different views of ‘boy’. I will suggest you google ‘Boy of Aros Musuem’ to see more pictures. You may share your opinion on the comment section below. Thank you.

Peace and Love!

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20 thoughts on “Echoes of My Neighbourhood – #11

  1. I thought he was real at first but there was something about the eyes that made me look closer. Still, it’s an amazing work of art. Thanks for sharing 🙂

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