Abstract – Weekly Photo Challenge!

This week, turn the concrete and familiar into something new and mysterious. Point your camera at something familiar and turn it into something else. Whether it’s a wall in your house, a friend’s arm, or a billboard seen from afar, we may or may not recognize what it actually is. But we’ll certainly discover something else about it in the process.  Continue reading “Abstract – Weekly Photo Challenge!”

In The Spirit of A Prayer Day!

Prayer is the practice where we come in the presence of God. Often times, we pray when we are broken and in need.  It’s a religious practice or act which is a hallmark of those who have faith that their prayers will be answered. Continue reading “In The Spirit of A Prayer Day!”

It’s A National Holiday Today…

It’s a National Holiday in Denmark today. Why? Because it’s a General Prayer Day, known in Danish as the “Store Bededag”. You can also call it the Great Prayer Day. This is a special Danish festival celebrated on the fourth Friday after Easter Sunday. The days for this holiday differs; but the earliest date it can fall on is between April 17 and May 21 on the latest.  Continue reading “It’s A National Holiday Today…”