In The Spirit of A Prayer Day!

Prayer is the practice where we come in the presence of God. Often times, we pray when we are broken and in need.  It’s a religious practice or act which is a hallmark of those who have faith that their prayers will be answered.

Often times, we are humbled by the challenges life presents to us. We therefore adopt humility and dependence on God.  We say a prayer about the situation. This act is a religious exercise and service done regularly and frequently by people who believe in the efficacy of prayers. People also gather at specific times in places of worship to say a prayer together.

The definition of Prayer:

The dictionary defines prayer as a solemn request for help or an expression of gratitude addressed to God or other deity.  It is an intercession for things we clamour and hope for in our lives.  Prayer can also be seen as an earnest hope or a wish for something better whether good or bad.

So, like I wrote today in my earlier post Click HERE, it’s a national prayer day where I live. And everyone is expected to pray in church or in the comfort of their homes. I do not need a special day to offer prayers to God as prayers can be said anytime and in any place. It’s all in the mind-set.

Here are some excerpts from the Bible – what I call, scriptural nuggets to mark this special holiday.

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10176188_766741966689482_6306401289740865735_n (2).jpg


11224309_1081309008566108_1983051747797536773_n (2)


1902929_744646458899033_1783808764_n (2).jpg


12931285_10201448525732428_8859158128120481320_n (2)




Oh yes, HIS Grace is sufficient for me.

May the grace of God abide in you today and always. May HIS blessings come upon you. And may the people of God say a resounding – AMEN.

Peace and Love!




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